How to complain to customer services

One of the main problems many people have when it comes to deliveries is that they never seem to arrive on time or seem to go missing and they find themselves needing to complain. Around busy periods such as Christmas, this is to be expected due to delivery services doing twice as much work as usual. However, when it comes to the rest of the year this shouldn’t be a standard. If you need to complain, you need to know where to go and how to do it.

As a rule of thumb if your delivery is late, missing or damaged then you should get in contact with the retailer themselves and not the courier. This is because you have a contract with the retailer and it’s their obligation for them to make sure the package is delivered safely and on time.

Have they missed the delivery date?

If you’ve ordered a product that was meant to be delivered by a specific date i.e. for a birthday or next day delivery then you’re able to claim that the contract has ended and you’re entitled to your money back. A way of specifying essential dates is through adding notes to purchases explaining why the delivery is needed by a specific date or by emailing the retailer after the purchase giving details on the delivery and the date.

If you haven’t received your parcel by the specified date then make sure to call up their customer services number to make sure that a complaint is filed and that the details of your complaint are heard and understood. You need to prove your case of specifying your required date of delivery as if they believe it was specified clearly the retailer has another opportunity to resend your package. If you need the re-delivery to arrive in short notice due to a pressing matter make sure to inform the retailer of this when arranging your new delivery date.

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My delivery isn’t where it says it was (missing/stolen)

When specifying where to have your delivery placed when you’re not going to be present, make sure that the place is secure.

If you are not going to be in when given the delivery dates, make sure to tell the retailer what secure place to put the parcel. If you’re allowing a neighbour to sign for the parcel, it’s important that they’re trustworthy. This is because once the parcel has been delivered to the designated spot or neighbour then it’s no longer the courier’s responsibility as the product has been “delivered”.

If your neighbour denies having it, or it’s no longer in the specified location then it’ll depend on whether you gave them the permission to leave it there. It’s important to check before calling up and making a complaint. 

If this does occur then it’s important you check that your account specifies the correct address for the delivery as well as it specifying any instructions on where to put the delivery if you’re unable to collect it. If you haven’t specified delivery instructions for it to be put in your absence then the retailer has failed to deliver your order and you are entitled to a replacement or a refund.

If you specified that you can leave it with a neighbour or in a safe space then the retailer has completed their contacted obligation when placing the parcel in the specified place or given to the neighbour. Once they have delivered the parcel they are no longer liable for the product and it’s your responsibility to collect or find it before someone else takes it.

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My package has been damaged when delivered

Similar to missing and late deliveries it’s the retailer that is responsible for the condition of your package in the process of the delivery under the consumer’s act. If the package is damaged when in the safe place or with your neighbour then the retailer is no longer liable for the condition of the product.

If the product was damaged when accepting your delivery then it is important to get in contact to complain with the retailer as soon as possible. It is best to get this complaint in writing so it can be brought up later if required to help your case. It is important to do this as quickly as possible so that the retailer cannot blame you for the damages. If the retailer does try to pin the damages on you they have 6 months to find evidence proving this 

For companies such as ASOS, Amazon and Very these complaints can be a regular occurrence. It is important to contact these companies when you have had any issues with your delivery/you want to complain as it is their obligation to rectify any problems you might have occurred or are occurring for you.