How to complain and always get results

While it may be the epitome of British culture to keep a stiff upper lip, when it comes to sub-standard service or products, keeping your mouth shut is something nobody should have to do.

Most people don’t like to complain or are unsure of the best way to go about it. This can lead to an unsatisfactory result or even no result at all. If you have taken the time and effort to complain in the first place, then you want to make sure you are heard and that something is done about it. Telling someone you aren’t happy or that their service is below par is not the easiest thing to do so here are a few tips to help you always get results from a complaint.

How to complain

The best place to start when looking to lodge a complaint is usually customer services. If they can’t deal with your complaint themselves, they will be able to forward your call on to someone who can. But before you pick up the phone in a heated rage, breathe for a minute and consider these simple tips to ensure that you get a result you are happy with.

Get the facts together

When you’re angry or upset about sub-par service, it is easy to end up ranting and raving to some poor guy or girl on the other end of the phone. However, you are much more likely to get somewhere with your complaint if you are calm and collected and are in possession of all the facts. Before you pick up that phone, make sure you have all the information you will need including things like receipts or copies of contracts. You can do a quick search on the internet to check your consumer rights so that you are armed with your legal standing too.

Have a goal

If you want to see a result from your complaint, then you should always have in mind what you think would make it better. You know you received terrible service or a sub-standard product but what do you want in compensation. After all, companies rely on your custom so by knowing what you want to achieve from your complaint and letting them know that makes it much more likely that you will see results – as long as you are not looking for a private yacht in repayment of a late delivery that is!

How to complain and always get results

Know who to call

To get the result you want from your complaint then you need to know who you want to talk to and how to get hold of them. Find the contact number for the customer services or complaints team and make sure you are speaking to someone who can help. If you don’t get the results you are looking for, then you can ask to speak to a manager who may have more authority. If you still feel unsatisfied, or your complaint hasn’t been dealt with in a satisfactory way, then a strongly worded letter to the head office or even reaching out to the company on social media may get you the results you are looking for.

And finally

It is important when calling with any complaint that you remain calm. Try not to rant or go off on a tangent. Speak slowly and calmly and remember to be polite. While you may be angry it is highly unlikely that the person you end up speaking to is the cause of your problem, and they are there to help. Treating your call handler with respect is much more likely to give you the result you are after.