How to change mobile phone contracts

Mobile phones can be expensive. Different providers offer different rates to try and entice you away from other providers. They will put forward different deals and packages to pull you in. You may like one of the deals you see so the question is, can you change provider during your contract and how do you go about doing it?

How to change mobile phone contracts

Changing your phone contract can be a simple process and this depends mostly on where in your contract you are.If you change your phone contract early you are likely to have to pay a fee. However, if you cancel after your contract then you can cancel for free and move onto a new provider. You can find out more details in our blog looking at how to change mobile phone contracts.

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Changing before your contract is up

If you want to change providers before your contract is up, it’s likely you’ll have to pay an early cancellation fee.

For example, if you had a contract with providers EE for £55 a month and wanted to move to O2 you’d have to pay for the months left on your contract. EE have what’s called a Remaining Contract Charge which is calculated based on your contract. You will need to pay everything you owe to be able to cancel your contract. Here’s what EE base their charge on:

  • They combine all outstanding monthly (or other periodic) charges for the remainder of your minimum term. This takes into account any recurring monthly discount to which you are entitled to which is calculated at a daily rate.
  • VAT is deducted at the prevailing rate.
  • They also deduct 4% for early receipt of payment to get the contract charge you owe us. This is reduced by any credit on your account.
  • Finally, any remaining Add to Plan charges you have will then be added to this amount. This generates your final Remaining Contract Charge.

So, it’s worth contacting your phone provider or accessing your account to find out how long you have on your contract and how much you may need to pay.

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Changing after your contract is up

Once your contract is up, you may have found a new provider that you prefer. They might offer a cheaper contract or a generally better deal.

If that’s the case, then your first job is to get in touch with your current phone provider and ask them to cancel your contract. It’s likely they won’t let you go easily and you will be offered different deals to try and entice you to stay. This may work out in your favour and you may actually opt to stay with them.

Once you’ve spoken to them, they will give you a PAC Code to keep your old phone number and move it over to your new phone. This is free of charge. Once your contract is up, you’ll cut ties with your old provider and all communications will be with your new provider.

How do you contact your phone provider to cancel?

You can cancel your contract over the phone. The below list is a link to the different contact numbers for mobile phone providers so you can get your best mobile deal today.

You can use these contact numbers to speak to one of their customer services team. You can cancel over the phone and also ask them any questions you have about your contract.