How to cancel Amazon Prime

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon is one of the most well-known online marketplaces in the world and one of the most influential businesses in modern times. From the humble beginnings of starting as an online bookstore to becoming the online giant they are now, Jeff Bezos has transformed Amazon into one of the market leaders of online shopping. With the growth of the business Amazon continues to look to explore new industries and reinvest their profits to help dominate those new ventures. In doing so they have created what is now a monopoly of businesses within Amazon ranging from groceries and fresh food to cloud storage and music streaming. With Amazon’s growth came the launch of its very own subscription service, Amazon Prime. This service includes a wide range of benefits across their business. For £79 a year you have access to benefits such as unlimited next day delivery, access to their music and video streaming services even access to both Amazon pantry and Amazon fresh to buy your weekly shopping.

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Is Amazon Prime worth it?

With so much to offer it would seem crazy to pass up. However, a yearly cost such as this shouldn’t be taken so lightly. When looking at this it’s important to consider what other subscriptions are being paid for. 

When it comes to Prime video they have a large selection of movies and TV shows that come with the subscription with a lot of great choices. This does come with a catch however as unlike Netflix they also charge for renting or give the option to buy some of their movies and TV series. This is for more recent and bigger shows however it can leave customers feeling disappointed with their selections as they may have been hoping to get a specific choice included without paying extra. Amazon prime music follows a similar structure as it is limited with their selection. Despite there being around 2 million songs available compared to the likes of Spotify with around 35 million songs and playlists that are designed around your listening habits to bring you new music it can make Amazon Prime music obsolete. What this puts into perspective is how much you’re paying for what you’re actually getting out of your product. If this is the case then it becomes more important to receive the benefits from the subscription through online orders. 


When it comes to getting next day delivery without prime it will cost you an extra £3.95 for basic items such as clothes, £5.99 for media and £7.99 for anything else. This means that you’ll have to make at least 10 purchases off the company before receiving any kind of benefit from this subscription.

What problems come with Amazon and having Prime?

When it comes to deliveries, not all are delivered as promised. With such high demands and expectations from customers, it can be difficult for Amazon to keep up. This can result in packages not being delivered on time as requested. The main problems that come with Amazon seem to occur in their delivery and customer service abilities with over 30% of the reviews on Trustpilot giving them the worst rating specifying this issue. Amazon’s customer service issues range from how their packages are treated when being delivered, whether that’s late, the product is broken or sent to the wrong house. With being a big company many feel customers they have lost touch with their customer service abilities and no longer have the customers interests at heart.

Ways to cancel your account

When first starting Amazon Prime you have a 1-month free trial. This gives you the ability to work out whether this service will be worthwhile. If after this month you feel that the subscription isn’t going to be worth the money then you will have to cancel your subscription before it’s too late as you will be charged. This can be done through their website but also by using their customer service number. Find out more about Amazon and their customer service number.