How to be more money conscious in 2016

As we welcome in the New Year, many of us will be making resolutions that we really have only a vague intention of keeping. A few weeks may follow of healthy eating or going to the gym but we all know that in reality, habits die hard and soon enough we will be back to our old, comfortable, if a little less healthy ways. Similarly, it’s hard to remain positive like you promised yourself with a stack of post Christmas bills and a long way until pay day stretching out in front of you. However, one resolution you can make and stick to is to be more conscious about how we spend our hard earned cash this year. There are definite savings to be made and bargains to be found if you really put your mind to it this year.

It’s all about the bargain hunt

And no, we don’t mean the daytime TV show. This year, make a proper effort to mooch about the marketplace in search of the best deals and bargains to help save yourself a few quid. It may often be tempting to simply go for the first offer or easiest option when buying goods or services, especially when it’s just one of many things on your “to do” list. But taking the time to compare prices, deals and offers to get the best price can really save you money. This goes for everything from car insurance to mobile phones, holidays to food shopping and is especially true when looking to buy expensive goods such as cars or a new smartphone. Having said that, if you have a few treasures in your home you don’t want any more, there are more than a few places you could get rid of them for a bit of extra money, selling on eBay, Gumtree or even Facebook is a great way of seeing you through those leaner months.

Money conscious 2016

Don’t miss out on a freebie

Offers of free trials or subscriptions are always being flaunted by companies hoping to get your business. They are a fantastic way to get a few weeks of free services such as TV channels or magazines. Find free trials on services you are likely to use and then cancel them once the trial period is up. It is important that you do remember to cancel or you may find yourself stuck in a contract you end up paying for. Also, always check the terms and conditions before signing up to ensure that you are free to cancel with no penalty charges once the free trial is over. Additionally, don’t take on too many free subscriptions at once or they may get forgotten about or mixed up and before you know it, you’ve signed your soul away and are tied into paying for a service for a year or even longer – even if you’re not going to use it after the first few months.

Know your rights

Make 2016 the year in which you take the time to learn your rights as a consumer. Many companies will use scare tactics and threats of fees to make you stay with them even when you know there is a better deal elsewhere or if you are unhappy with your service. Take a stand and find out your legal rights and don’t let big companies bully you. Mobile phone companies are renowned for trapping you into long contracts which are near impossible to get out of. Know your rights and always read the fine print; 2016 will be known as the year you stopped being sucked in by greedy companies and made your money count.