How do you contact the DVLA?

Whether you’re applying for your first driving license, renewing your vehicle tax or even putting on a new personalised number plate, you’re going to have to get in touch with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). The DVLA was founded in 1965 and is based in Swansea. They’re responsible for maintaining an up to date database of all drivers in the UK and they use this to identify any vehicles that are untaxed and identify car drivers when they’re caught speeding by cameras. They also help keep track on who should be entering London and track anyone who hasn’t paid their congestion charge.


Your License 

If you’re looking to learn to drive a moped you can apply for your first provisional license when you’re 15 years and 9 months old. You may learn to drive a car when you’re 16, but you’ll need to apply for Personal Independence Payment (PIP). To apply for your license, you’ve also got to be able to read off a registration plate from at least 20 metres away. Once you’ve become old enough and can pass the reading test, you’re eligible for the provisional.

To apply for the license, the DVLA requires specific documents and photos to proceed with your application. This can only be done online or by post, completing the application online costs £34 with a guide on how to complete it whereas postal applications will cost £43. To complete the postal application you’ll have to get a D1 form from the DVLA Form Ordering Service or from select Post Offices.


How do I apply for a new license if I lose my old one?

If your license is stolen, lost or damaged then you will have to reapply for a new one. To get a new license you can apply online, by post or by phone. If you’re re-applying by phone, then you must make sure that it’s not for a damaged license or that it expires within the next 56 days. If you’re applying by post then you have to make sure that you collect the right form, for a car or motorbike make sure to fill in the D1 application and for lorries or buses you’ll need a D2 form.

How do I tax my vehicle?

As the DVLA has begun doing automatic renewals through direct debit you’ll need to check whether you need to renew your road tax. All you need to do is head to the askMID website and enter your registration details. It will then tell you if you need a renewal or if you’re still covered. If you’re due a renewal and haven’t entered the direct debit service, then you’ll have to get in contact with the DVLA customer services team. You can pay your road tax by phone, online or at the post office, to complete the tax renewal you will need your V5C (vehicle logbook) along with your most recent MOT test certificate. Completing this over the phone restricts you from setting up your direct debit for the automatic renewal and would have to be done online instead.


Getting that private plate

When applying for a private number plate there’s a few rules and restrictions you need to abide by in order to add a personal touch to your vehicle. You’ll need the following

  • Car registration with the DVLA
  • An MOT certificate
  • The vehicle must be able to move under its own power.

Most importantly, your number plate cannot start with Q or NIQ, this is because these are used specifically for vehicles that are questionable, whether that is about its age or identity. To qualify for a registration, start with Q the vehicle needs to have been built by a non-manufacturer, rebuilt, radically altered or imported from another country.

To complete the registration, you’ll have to apply either online or by post. You’ll be required to present document information for both application processes, however, the documents required will depend on the vehicle status. If you’ve just bought a used vehicle, you’ll have to wait till the DVLA send you the new V5C for the vehicle. If you’ve bought a brand-new vehicle and want to get a private registration straight away, then you’ll need to give the dealership your V750 or V778 and ask them to apply for you.

To find out more about the DVLA and what services they can provide you feel free to visit their website.

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