How Do I Contact Xbox Support?

Having trouble with your Xbox One? Or even your Xbox 360? Is your Xbox on Windows 10 on the blink? Or is there an issue with your game? If so, there’s no need to panic – you can contact the Xbox support team for assistance. A huge number of useful resources are also available online, which can be really helpful depending on the type of problem you’re having.

Read on to find out more about Xbox and how you can get the help you need.

Who are Xbox support?

The Xbox support team is made up of trained customer support agents. They’re available to help Xbox customers with the Xbox-related issues.

If you require assistance from Xbox, you can:

  • Call them directly and speak to an Xbox support team member in person.
  • Chat with virtual assistants via on online chat tool (this is an AI chat assistant).
  • Submit your query to the Xbox support Twitter account (@XboxSupport).
  • Browse the to find trending topics people need help with.
  • Post your query on the Community Support Forum and wait for a response

What services does Xbox support provide?

Microsoft’s Xbox support team is available to help with issues relating to Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox on Windows 10, Xbox games, billing, and more.

If you’re having issues with any Xbox product, the support team are available to assist you. Here are just a few examples of topics they could help you to resolve:

  • Xbox One: changes to your account, refunds, cancelling subscriptions, turning off auto-renewal, games that won’t start, redeeming codes, pre-orders, set-up, warranty, service and repair, error messages and codes.
  • Xbox 360: accessories, error codes, warranties, console banning, refund requests, game issues, disc and drive, safety and security.
  • Xbox on Windows 10: Pc set-up, Xbox 360 controller for Windows set-up, hardware requirements for Game DVR, Game bar, recording games.
  • Xbox Live: Downloadable content, credit card error codes, invalid email address or password, digital rights management, watching Xbox video on your computer or Windows Phone 7.
  • Xbox games: game set-up (including backward compatibility), game purchase, subscriptions, requesting a refund, known and unknown issues with games.
  • Billing: billing requests, turning off auto-renewal for your Xbox subscription, paying your balance, understanding error messages and prepaid codes.


How can I contact Xbox?

If you’d like to speak to an Xbox support team member in person, you can call the contact number.

Just be aware that, if you call via a mobile phone you may incur additional charges, depending on your service provider. If you’d like to know exactly what the costs will be, it’s best to call your service provider directly before you call Xbox on your mobile.

If you are hearing-impaired, you can call the number below using your TTY device.

When are the lines open?

Here are the opening hours for Xbox support:

  • Monday-Friday: 9:00-21:00
  • Saturday: 10:00-18:00
  • Sunday: 10:00-18:00

Is online Xbox support available?

Yes, you can talk to Microsoft’s virtual support agents online. You can also get help from Xbox support agents via email.

In addition, a wide variety of trending topics are available to read in the ‘Xbox support’ section of the website. If any of these topics relate to your issue, these resources could help you resolve them yourself without the need to contact Xbox direct.

You could also consider posting your problem in the Community Support section of the website. Then, knowledgeable community members and people who’ve experienced the same issue will respond to help you resolve your issue.

Handy hints and tips

  1. You may find you have trouble requesting a refund from Xbox via your phone. As such, it’s best to request a refund on a different device.
  2. If you need help resetting your password, head to recover your account to start.