How do I cancel my Sky subscription?

Many are looking to cust costs and are trying to find ways to save extra pennies. One such way is cancelling TV subscriptions, in particular with Sky. Sky is one of the UK’s largest TV providers and their packages range in prices from the top end featuring all the channels to lower-end packages with the basic channels. 

Sky have made it possible for you to cancel your full subscription or just part of your subscription. In this post, we’ll show you how you can save money off your Sky bill or how to cancel your Sky subscription.

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What options do I have?

Sky have introduced an option for Sky Sports users where they can “pause” their subscription. This means that you won’t actually pay for Sky Sports but still receive the channels until the sports resumes once the virus has subsided. This could potentially save you anywhere between £20-£30 a month depending on the package you have. 

You cancel also remove other parts of your Sky subscription. Sky TV is split into numerous parts including Sky Cinema, Sky Entertainment, Sky Sports, Sky Box Sets etc. Each part can be cancelled individually or as a collective. So if you enjoy the Sky Entertainment channels but don’t watch Sky Cinema, you can cancel Sky Cinema off your bill. 

How can I cancel my Sky subscription? 

Cancelling your Sky subscription is easy, all you need to do is contact the Sky customer services number. Here you can speak directly to one of their team and they’ll guide you through the process. If you want to access your bill to see what you pay, it’s worth downloading the Sky app where you can view your current, future and past bills. 

Sky always require a minimum 31 days notice before cancelling your subscription, so you may still have to pay for a month. It’s best to cancel just before your next bill comes out so you don’t find yourself having to pay anything the month after. 

It’s important you don’t just cancel your direct debit, you need to contact Sky directly. Cancelling your direct debit doesn’t cancel your subscription and you can quickly find yourself in arrears and owing more than just a months worth of money. 

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Contacting Sky

It’s worth noting that this is an incredibly busy time so you may have to wait for up to an hour to speak to a Sky operative. You can call the Sky contact number to speak to a member of their team today to cancel your subscription or any part of your Sky account.