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About Hotmail Support


Hotmail is a free web-based email service run owned and run by Microsoft. It is one of the largest email services on the internet with millions of users worldwide. If you are experiencing any difficulties or have any questions regarding your Hotmail account or setting up a new account then you can call the customer service phone number 0871 244 4878.

You can chat online to Hotmail customer support by contacting their help desk but if you prefer to speak to a person over the phone then the Hotmail customer services number is 0871 244 4878. The team of friendly and supportive personnel are highly trained to be able to deal with any technical query you may have.

The history of Hotmail

Hotmail was created by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in California in 1996 as one of the first webmail services on the internet. It was commercially launched in July 1996 and offered freedom from ISP-based email and gave users to ability to access their email inbox from anywhere in the world. By December 1997, Hotmail reported having more than 8.5 million subscribers.

In December 1997 Hotmail was sold to Microsoft for a reported $400 million and it became part of the MSN group of services. Hotmail’s popularity grew and by February 1999 it became the world’s largest webmail service with over 30 million active members.

On November 1st 2005, Microsoft announced a new email system with the Hotmail brand planned to be phased out and the new system being called Windows Live Mail. However, testers of the new system, reported confusion at the name change and Microsoft back tracked, keeping the familiar preferred Hotmail name. Windows Live Hotmail was released on November 9th 2006 to new and existing customers in the Netherlands as a pilot market. On May 7th 2007 Windows Live Hotmail was released to new registrations as 260 million Hotmail accounts worldwide gained access to the system.

Hotmail today

Hotmail has recently seen another facelift in the form of Microsoft Outlook. First introduced on 31st July 2012, Microsoft Outlook allows Hotmail users to keep their existing Hotmail accounts whilst giving the option to also have a email address too. Many Hotmail users have chosen to stick with the Hotmail format they know and prefer.

Hotmail is one of the most recognisable names across the entire internet. Subscribers all over the world benefit from large storage capacity, the ability to sync their email and mobile phone contacts, active views and one-click filters. If you want help with any of the features available on your Hotmail account then you should call the customer services team on 0871 244 4878.

What is the Hotmail support phone number?

If you need any support with your new or existing Hotmail account then you can call the Hotmail support team on 0871 244 4878. The dedicated staff at Hotmail will be able to assist you in setting up a new account, understanding the features and settings available to you and also talk you through any problems you may be having.

The Hotmail customer services team can help you with the transition from using a Hotmail account to an Outlook account if you have decided to make the switch. They can talk you through the new format and explain how to sync your emails and contacts so you don’t lose any vital information in the process. Just call the Hotmail customer support team on 0871 244 4878.

With more and more daily tasks revolving around the internet these days and companies relying heavily on email communication; it is vital that you keep up. If you’re having any trouble with your Hotmail email account then you should call the customer services on 0871 244 4878 to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

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