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About Hastings Direct

Hastings Direct

UK insurance provider Hastings Direct has been operating in the UK since 1997, providing a whole host of insurance policies for domestic users. From car insurance and motorbike insurance to home insurance, Hastings Direct have established themselves as a solid player in the UK insurance market. The brands’ standout mascot, Harry Hastings, is a cartoon version of a soldier that fought at the Battle of Hastings, which was held in 1066. Hastings Direct’s contact number 0871 423 0149 will connect you with Hastings Direct customer service team, based at one of their large call centres. Hastings operates 3 call centres in the UK in total, one in Bexhill, where Hastings direct were established, one in Newmarket in Suffolk, and one in Leicester. With staff trained in dealing with all manner of customer enquiries about their products and services, Hastings Direct phone number for customer services 0871 423 0149 is sure to connect you to someone that can answer your query, whatever the situation.

The History of Hastings Direct

Originally founded in 1997, the business plan for Hastings Direct was originally put together by David Gundlach and Andrew Bowen. Originally only car insurance was offered through the company, but as time has passed, a wealth of services including van insurance, motorbike insurance and home insurance are now available. The company itself has changed hands more than once; with Hastings direct being acquired in 2006 by Insurance Australia Group before being sold to its management in 2009. Two years later, the company announced that they would be creating an additional 150 posts within the company; such was the success of the insurance products offered. In 2013, a 50 percent interest in Hastings Direct was acquired by Goldman Sachs, and 2 years later, in October 2015, an IPO was launched.

Hastings Direct Today

If you were to compare the Hastings Direct of 1997 with the Hastings Direct of today you would notice some major differences in the way they do business. As is normal with this sort of company, the focus of service is offered largely online, with the Hastings Direct website allowing customers to search and get quotations for insurance online. Their multi-car insurance policy has been a big draw to families that own more than one vehicle, and they offer a wealth of benefits to customers, including Telematics insurance for young yet careful drivers, which allows savings on car insurance over the years as well as no-claims bonuses. With multi car discounts customers are able to save large amounts on insuring a second or even third vehicle through the company.

Looking at the website, you may wonder why anyone would ask how do I contact Hastings Direct customer services, but as with all insurance providers, not every policy detail is contained on the website, and whether it’s a renewal quote, the addition of another car onto the policy or a query about exclusions, contacting Hastings Direct customer service number 0871 423 0149 may be the best way to get an answer to your query.  The telematics scheme itself is sometimes confusing to young drivers, as is multi car insurance to some drivers and talking it through with one of the Hasting Direct team is sure to iron out any issues a prospective customer may have, allowing them to see if the policy on offer is right for them.  The UK based customer service team are on call Monday to Friday between 8am and 9pm, on Saturdays between 9am and 5:30pm on Sundays between 10am and 5pm, so you’re sure to be able to get a swift answer to your query if you call between these times.

Visit The Hastings Direct website – https://www.hastingsdirect.com/

Hastings Direct Connection Service

0871 423 0149