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0871 244 4841

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About Halifax Bank

Halifax Bank was introduced in 1853 and its initial vision was to provide mutual benefits to the local working people and eventually inviting investors with surplus cash to invest in the society. Many banks and building societies in recent times have been taken over or bought by their leading high-street competitors who bring about new changes to the management, range of products, services and employees.

Halifax Bank found itself in the same situation some time back. It held its position of an established building society firmly for 60 years, but in 1997 it was finally de-mutualised. The bank went on to become a public company which was listed on the stock market. It experienced substantial success with captivating television adverts starring Howard Brown. Halifax Bank underwent a merger with the Bank of Scotland and was renamed as HBOS. Finally after the complicated process of transferring assets Halifax was merged with Lloyds Banking Group, which majorly owns and manages its operations at large today.

I am interested in opening an account with the Halifax Bank, what is the Halifax Bank Customer Service Phone Number?

People need bank accounts for various purposes and opening a new bank account can be a long process. Usually people don’t have the patience or time to go through this long process and dread visiting the bank to open a new account. Therefore, Halifax has provided a comprehensive service for opening an account over the phone. Because people have varied lifestyles and it can be difficult to visit a bank during working hours, this service by Halifax can prove to be quite valuable. Call the customer service department on 0871 244 4841.

The Halifax customer services team can assist you and provides step-by-step guidance to opening a new bank account. Halifax customer service number 0871 244 4841  directly connects you to a bank representative who will then ask for all of the important details from you that are needed to open a new account. Halifax customer services team will guide you through a smooth and seamless process for opening a bank account if you have the relevant details on hand. When you call the Halifax contact number, in no time at all a Halifax customer service representative will address all your bank account concerns and any issues.

I am interested in applying for Halifax insurance products, what is Halifax Bank customer service phone number?

Halifax offers a wide variety of insurance options from home and car insurance to holiday insurance. Insurance policies can be complex and difficult to understand and the Halifax customer services team is qualified to take care of all your insurance concerns and issues. There are many coverage and technical details that need to be considered when it comes to deciding which insurance policy to select. Halifax customer services department provides comprehensive assistance in this regard.

What time can I call the Halifax customer service number and speak to a representative?

The telephone banking service helpline is open 24 hours a day. But for new customers who are looking for information on opening a new bank account or about its services, 0871 244 4841 is open on Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and on Saturdays from 8am to 6pm and on Sundays from 9am to 5pm.

By calling 0871 244 4841, you will be able to speak to a bank representative on different issues related to your account. These issues can range from the general use of bank account to specific instructions such as those concerning money transfer, direct debits and standing orders. Other services such as overdrafts, LCs and many more can be addressed by a friendly Halifax customer service representative.

Visit The Halifax Bank website – https://www.halifax.co.uk/

Halifax Bank Connection Service

0871 244 4841