Half a game of Fifa

In September, Christmas comes early for many gamers across the world as the new FIFA gets released. The new game often has brand new features, improved graphics and smoother and more realistic gameplay. Naturally, the paying customer expects improvements otherwise they might as well continuing playing the previous years release. Unfortunately, for Fifa players worldwide, there have been complaints of a lack of effort put into the game’s Career Mode as the creators have focussed on the Ultimate Team feature. Ultimate Team is a money-led feature and in 2017 it was stated to have made EA (the game’s creators) an additional $800 million.

This year’s release has drawn anger and frustration amongst fans as they have seemingly failed to deliver on what was promised. A lot of the features have been broken and the game has been accused of going backwards. With the game costing upwards of £50, it’s not surprising that fans are more than frustrated with some accusing EA of caring more about profit than the fans.

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What are people complaining about?

Before the game was released EA had promised to work on the Career Mode after the feature had stagnated and not changed much over the last few years. In order to do so, they brought in a lot of external gaming influencers to learn how the game should be changed along with a new manager to path the way that Career Mode is moved forwards.

This, however, wasn’t the case. Just hours before the release of FIFA 20 many took to social media to complain about how unfinished the Career Mode really is and that many of the features of the game that had been advertised weren’t working. 

Here is the list of the main issues: 

Clubs are not playing their best players:  When playing opponents they play a weaker team no matter what the scenario. This ruins the ability for realistic games and true competition, taking away the satisfaction of winning games, competitions and leagues.

Press Conferences & Player Conversations broken:  A new feature that was added but these conversations are repetitive and boring after a while on a basic level. Due to the small number of interactive conversations available, people playing the game for long stretches of time can go through the same experience multiple times in a season.

Dynamic Potential inconsistent:  This feature was designed to get accurate predictions of how a player’s growth would occur over coming seasons. They promised to be more accurate including the introduction of how morale will help affect dynamics. Instead it has become harder to anticipate with player morale being near impossible to maintain to a high standard.

Fixture congestion: Over seasons when teams are entered into multiple competitions as well as the league it can be hard to keep up with. This is because you must maintain the fitness of players to avoid injuries and low level of playing by your players. This was supposed to have been resolved in this edition of FIFA however this hasn’t been the case as it seems nothing has changed within this bug at all.

What EA are doing to resolve the issues with Fifa Career Mode

When the game was released EA failed to respond officially. Although some members of the company took to twitter to explain how they were going to amend such complaints. These fixes that were demanded by the customers are not included in the first updates nor do they expect for them to be in any updates in the coming weeks due to the high amount and the complexity of the bugs inside the game.

What you can do to return your game if you don’t feel they’ve done enough

If you’re a gamer who focuses heavily on the Career Mode on FIFA and wish to return your game then you should make sure to get into contact with your supplier. When purchasing games online it can be hard to return if you’re unhappy with the product. As Amazon is one of the biggest retailers for the gaming industry, if you’re wanting to return the game, make sure to get into contact with Amazon customer services to find out more on what to do.