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About Gumtree

Founded in 2000 and currently holding on to its title as the UK’s number one classified ads website, Gumtree is a hugely popular platform used to buy/sell goods, find jobs, and advertise spare rooms. With nearly one million new ads posted every week and eight million monthly visitors, Gumtree is a thriving site designed to connect and support local communities. Most posting is free, so users can advertise/search without worrying about any unnecessary expenses.

How does it work?

Gumtree has been separated into multiple sections to streamline advertising and keep searching simple. A For Sale tab allows visitors to advertise and search for everyday items such as clothes and accessories, home furnishings and TVs, while other sections include Properties, Motors, Jobs and Pets.

The Services section allows users to post as a business. Perhaps you want to advertise your services as a private tutor or construction worker? Simply enter your location, prices, and the finer details of your proposition and Gumtree will display your ad. Using Gumtree is generally free, but you may be asked to pay a small charge when posting in the Services section and will have the option of boosting your ad at a small cost. Visit the site’s terms and conditions page to find out more.

It is recommended that you keep all correspondence with potential buyers/sellers on the site itself rather than via personal emails or calls, as if you face any unexpected issues, you will have a clear log of what’s been happening.




Community Spirit

One of Gumtree’s most popular features is its community page.  Acting as an online village noticeboard, you can advertise and find out about various activities in your area. Whether you’re looking for nearby classes, gigs, or even carpool partners, this is the section that will keep you tapped into the centre of your community.

Splashing the #upcyclingrevolution tag across its pages, Gumtree has a keen focus on re-usability and sustainability. Community members are encouraged to take inspiration from previous up-cycling projects whereby old furnishings are given a new lease of life after purchase (battered old chests up-cycled into trendy cushioned trunks etc). Invited to use the hashtag when sharing personal up-cycling projects, visitors are reminded of Gumtree’s environmentally minded ethos.

Where are they based?

Gumtree is an entirely online service but has head offices in central London. Although most of your correspondence with this platform will be digital, you can speak to staff in person via their customer service help desk on 0871 244 7262. Phone lines are open Monday to Friday 09:00 – 18:00 and there is a live online chat link available to those looking for an alternate line of communication.

What if something goes wrong?

Although Gumtree has an overwhelmingly positive response from users, dealing with classified ads brings with it a risk of false information and phishing attempts. If you are dissatisfied with your experience when buying/selling or want to report a fraudulent user, you can report your concerns to Gumtree via their website, call the customer service line on 0843-216-0030. The site has various stay safe guides to help you navigate any potential risks, so be sure to give their help section a read to maximise peace of mind when posting.


As all advertising and payments are handled online, it is important to check that you are on a secure site and to keep all of your passwords strong, up to date and secret. Don’t leave your browser open while using Gumtree and make sure that you keep your PayPal details 100% private.

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