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About Groupon


As an eCommerce website that offers a variety of different deals on goods, services activities and travel, Groupon has established itself as a major player in the “daily deals” industry. Originally launched in the latter part of 2008, the Chicago based company now offers deals in over 45 countries and has serviced over 48 million customers in its few short years of trading. Their website is comprehensive and deals can be found in a variety of different niches, such as restaurants, hotel stays, goods and services such as beauty treatments and photo shoots. However, there are many instances that lead clients to ask “How do I contact Groupon customer services, and here we provide the answer. Groupon customer services number 0871 423 0148 will connect you to one of the Groupon Customer service team that will be happy to talk you through any of their offers in more detail, or answer any query you may have about their service.

The History of Groupon

Originally innovated by Pittsburgh born Andrew Mason, who now no longer works at the company, Groupon originally began with the backing of Eric Lefkofsky, who loved the idea and invested one million US dollars in order to develop the innovation. This seed money was obviously well spent, as it only took 2 years for the business to be valued at 1.35 billion US dollars. Launching an IPO in 2011, Groupon claimed its place as the biggest IPO since Google by an internet company, and it has developed even more in the years to follow, launching a new improved website in 2013, which claimed to launch it from a daily deals site to a complete online marketplace for deals. Upon launch of this new marketplace, Groupon essentially gave away up to five thousand US dollars worth of “Groupon Bucks” to one million lucky customers. In 2014, they saw huge sales during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period, racking up record breaking sales increases of over 25% from the previous years’ figures.

Groupon Today

Although a far cry from the original company, with the appointment of COO Rich Williams in June 2015 (now CEO) and the removal of services in some countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Panama, the Philippines, Morocco and Uruguay as part of a restructure that eliminated around 1100 positions within their customer service and sales departments, Groupon continues to be a popular deals website in the countries it operates in. claims to offer between 50-90% off the retail price of many of its deals, and savvy families have been saving money on everything from holidays to home ware and fashion through the site. The website offers to show deals exclusive to the customers’ locations, making it easier to find deals in their area, but there will be times where customers will need to contact Groupon customers services, who are only too happy to answer any queries about the service.

Calling the Groupon customer service number 0871 423 0148 will connect you to the relevant team to deal with UK queries on any of Grouping’s services or deals. To query how to redeem feelunique, Starbucks or Odeon vouchers, to understand how to use the Groupon vouchers on the product you have chosen or to ask about returning an item you’ve purchased through Groupon, the Groupon phone number for customer services 0871 423 0148 should be all you need to answer your query. In addition to this, if you’re a merchant wishing to publicise a deal through Groupon, or you want to check on expiry for your voucher customer services should be able to help here too.

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