GiffGaff – Marketing to the Younger Generation

In 2009 Giffgaff broke out and became a large competitor in the mobile network market. With so many big phone companies and networks in today’s market, it’s hard to break in and keep growing. Despite this being a difficult task it has been accomplished by Giffgaff. The idea of GiffGaff began on the back of Gav Thompson’s notepad. As O2’s Head of Brand Strategy, he had a realisation that there are a number of people in the world who simply want a phone. They’re not after all the bells and whistles that come with many phone contracts we see today. They just want a simple contract that is easy to understand and control. This led to Gav pitching this idea to the heads of O2 and started the journey of “2O” or what we call Giffgaff today.

What makes them different

The reason they’ve been able to be so successful over the past 10 years is because they changed their target market. There are a lot of tech-savvy people that know what they’re after when it comes to their phone network and don’t require all the add ons that come with many pay monthly contracts. This includes things like a new phone, free gifts and services. They just require their calls, text and data.

How do they advertise their differences

With the slogan “run by you, for you” it sends across the image that the company has the customers best interests at heart. Instead of constantly bombarding potential customers with their next brand new deal or available smartphone they look at how their company can help others.

One of their recent campaigns included Giffgaff having a pop-up store in London on Black Friday, November 29th. Here they showcased refurbished phones as well as second-hand gadgets. Although being a shop none of these items were for sale. Instead, Giffgaff asked customers to pledge that they’ll reduce the number of new things they buy and look into buying more refurbished, second hand and recycled products to help with the climate emergency we’re going through.  

For many big phone companies, this would be seen as a drastic and unsuccessful campaign. However, in contrast for GiffGaff, this was a great success. The company mainly sells sim only contracts, and their main demographic are highly aware and responsive of the climate crisis. So this was a great way for them to help promote their brand in the right ways.

What do they offer

Giff Gaff primarily offers their customers a wide range of sim only deals where they’re able to work out how much calls, texts and data they need and simply give them their best price for this offer. Many of these plans run month by month so depending on how much you need in a certain month you can increase or decrease your allowance per month. As the company doesn’t follow the standard 12, 24, and 36 month plans that many of the larger networks offer you are in fact allowed to leave GiffGaff whenever you want without any hidden fees or penalties.

As well as sim only plans they do also offer new and refurbished phones to go with them. Similarly to other networks, they offer a range of new smartphones from the most recent iPhone 11’s and Samsung Galaxy S20’s to more simple Nokia 3310’s. As you aren’t tied to contracts with GiffGaff these phones are sold separately and you have the option to buy them outright. This can be done either straight away or pay a monthly fee over a period of time. 

As they look to promote the use of refurbished phones they also offer discounts and money back on refurbished and used phones. Many of their selected phones offering a saving of up to £100.

If you’d like to find out more about Giff Gaff and the services they provide or if you’re having any issues with their services then make sure to contact the GiffGaff customer services team.