Fool-Proof Guide to Surviving the Festival Season

Festival season is right around the corner, and with this year seeing the return of Glastonbury from its fallow year, it’s set to be one of the best summers on record. Whether you’re heading to one of the big hitters or taking a trip to a small boutique festival you are likely to follow the same hints and tips. We have put together our fool-proof guide to show you how you can survive the festival season, and use it to its fullest.

1 – Get a waterproof tent!

Although you won’t spend much time in them, tents are one of the most vital parts of camping at a festival. Getting a waterproof one is just as important. Festivals are notorious at times for having to face the elements. Having a waterproof tent means you will at least manage to get some sleep whilst you are there. You can get a decent waterproof tent from sites like Amazon at a cheap price. Tents are also available from most major supermarkets like Tesco and Morrisons when the summer months roll in.

Of course, you don’t always have to camp at a festival, any festival near a major city is incredibly accessible, with and airbnb providing alternative accommodation options under a nice warm roof.

Festival Camping

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2 – Be the early bird

To some, the concept of an extra day camping can be an ominous one, but it’s incredibly clever. Most festivals offer early bird options at an additional cost, but getting into the site before everyone else ensures you get the best spot. Often the late arrivals can be seen scrambling around for a spot near each other, and often trying their best to avoid the toilets (which trust me, you’ll want to!). So getting an early bird ticket, or turning up as early as possible will have benefits for you in the long run.

3 – Pack your wellies

Yes they’re heavy and yes they’re a pain to carry around, but trust me you won’t regret taking them along with you. There’s always that one person traipsing round in their brand new white trainers, that now resemble more of a brown muddy mass on their foot. That was the person who thought they might not need their wellies just because the forecast said it was a 30% chance of rain. Don’t be that person, be sensible and pack your wellies.

Muddy Wellies

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4 – Bring your own booze

A majority of festivals will allow you to bring booze onto the, at least, the campsite areas. Some even allow you to enter the arena with your booze. Take Glastonbury for example, as it is one big arena, you can carry your booze everywhere with you and that can save you a whole stack of money. Festival booze isn’t cheap, and is rarely the nicest, so pack your cans and make sure you decant any glass bottled booze into plastic bottles otherwise you may find it now belongs to the security guards!

5 – It’s not a fashion competition

Yes, you may have seen the photos from Coachella of celebrities pulling on the finest Vivienne Westwood dress, but once you enter the polar opposite muddy fields of Leeds Festival, you will be regretting your decision. Choose practicality over how it looks. You can still be practical and look good, sites like ASOS have a section specifically for festivals so take a look on there and choose wisely!

Leeds Festival crowd

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6 – Bring cash, and keep it safe

Bring cash with you as you’ll find you very quickly start spending a fortune pulling money out of the dodgy ATM’s around the festivals that more often than not charge a fee. They often run out of money too, so having a store of cash can save you time and effort. Try and keep it somewhere safe, most festivals offer lockups, so this would be a sensible place to keep it stored.

7 – Plan who you want to see

Festivals are great because there are some many amazing bands and artists, but make sure you plan who you want to see so you don’t resemble a chicken let loose running between the stages. Before the festival, try and find a clashfinder or consult the times on the festival’s website/mobile app. You’re going to have to accept that you won’t always agree on who you want to see, so prepare to split off into two groups and organise a meeting place. There will be loads of clashes, so you may have to accept you are not going to see everyone you want to see.

Bring Me The Horizon

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8 – Don’t forget the tickets

Last but not least, please don’t forget your tickets. You’d be surprised how many people do, and you won’t get in without them, despite the attempted begging to security! Check and double check to make sure you have them packed, most forgotten items can be bought at the festival, but a ticket, more often than not, is not one of them! If you are still looking for tickets to major festivals across the UK and Europe, See Tickets still have a number of tickets available.

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