Fool-Proof Guide to Father’s Day

With Father’s Day fast approaching it’s time for the Dad’s to take the spotlight and for us to show our appreciation for them and everything they do for us. Whether it’s some sort of gadget, a personalised gift or an alcoholic beverage the list of potential gifts is endless. 

Why do we celebrate Father’s Day?

It’s not a bank holiday like Christmas or Easter, but these days are just as important. It’s a way to show your appreciation to the ones who mean the most in our lives. In doing so we are being unselfish and giving up our time for them as they have done for us.

All those bumps and bruises they’ve helped us recover from when we were young, coming to support in those sports games or school performances, it’s time they took centre stage. We may have to accept, just for one day of the year, that their Dad jokes do deserve a laugh (even if we don’t find them funny). 

Father and Daughter

Where did Father’s Day come from?

The celebration of the paternal bond we have with our Fathers dates back to the middle ages. In Catholic Europe many years ago, this day was celebrated on March the 19th on Saint Joseph’s Day. However, after the Spanish brought it to Latin America and spread up North the dates started to become vaguer.

The Father’s Day we know and love on the third Sunday in June is said to have been established in the USA all the way back in 1910. This was done by Sonora Smart Dodd who felt the day needed to be re-established in honour of her Father who had raised their family of 6 all on his own.

Father and Daughter

What’s the standard Father’s day present?

When it comes to fathers day gifts, Father’s generally receive more material goods like alcohol or electronics, whereas Mother’s tend to receive gifts with more sentimental value. This isn’t to say that we love our old man any less. Father’s generally appreciate material gifts, whereas Mother’s tend to prefer gifts with a little more thought behind them.  

We went to the public and asked them what they were planning on buying their Dad this Father’s Day. 18% of those who voted are opting to buy their Father something personalised, with gifts ranging from personalised cards, key rings or family photos.

The public’s number one choice this year, however, seems to be a nice meal out. This was voted for by 21% of the questioned public. Meals out can be a great idea, and it’s well worth checking out Groupon to see if they have any deals available to save you some money along the way. 

Family beach

Is sentimentality the way forward?

To complete Father’s Day with the best results, we believe that a mix of these two gift ideas will put a smile on your Dad’s face. However, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg…

The public vote suggests sentimentality should be the way to go with your gifts this year. So why not start with a personal touch? By putting a little more thought and effort into your gifts by adding your own photos and messages can help show your dad how much they really mean to you at no extra cost. You can use sites like Amazon with their wide range of personalised gift ideas, simply ideal for these kinds of occasions.

To put the icing on the cake, line their stomachs with a meal out on you. Check out sites like Groupon and their amazing range of offers at some of the best eateries in your local area. Spanning from your local pub roasts with extra gravy to gourmet duck and steak dinners at the top restaurants in town. Alternatively, Marks and Spencer’s have a great range of ‘meal in’ offers if you’re fancying a night in front of the TV. 

Father and Daughter

So with all this in mind, don’t forget to treat your Dad this Father’s Day and thank them for all their hard work over the years! Whether it be a personalised gift, a nice bottle of whisky, or a meal out, they’re bound to appreciate the thought you put in and give it back to you tens times over.