Find the Best Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2014 made serious headlines, and not all of them were for the right reasons. We all remember the riotous scenes from last year of customers fighting each other to get their hands on cheap flat screen TV’s and games consoles on the biggest retail day of the year, but what can we expect from Black Friday 2015 and where can the best deals be found?

Last year, UK shoppers spent a breath-taking £810million on Black Friday. ASDA stores sold 8,000 TVs before breakfast and made another 130 sales per second for the rest of the day. What was once an American Thanksgiving shopping experience hit the UK in a big way, and it looks as though it is here to stay. Black Friday 2015 is on the 27th November, and it is set to be even bigger than last year with UK retailers now being more prepared and less likely to be taken by surprise by the ferocious nature of the UK shopper. Web sites are being set up to withstand the barrage of visitors and shops will hopefully not descend in the chaotic scenes seen last year.

Black Friday is all good news for the UK shopper so let’s have a look at the best places to find the biggest deals.


Black Friday 2014 was Amazon’s busiest day, and the online giant sold around 64 products every second. With such a wide variety of products available, Amazon is bound to be a big player this year. Expect huge discounts on tech, games, clothing, furniture and white goods, many of which may last no longer than a few hours if the lighting sales of Prime Day are anything to go by.

John Lewis

While John Lewis may not be the first name you think of when it comes to flash sales and huge discounts, the chain of stores will be guaranteed to see some serious bargains flying off the shelves. The boss of John Lewis, Andy Street, has warned UK retailers not to shoot themselves in the foot offering huge discounts leaving them little profit. While he knows Black Friday is unavoidable, he does not support it, and there is a very good reason. John Lewis operates a ‘never knowingly undersold’ policy meaning they will price-match their rivals if they are selling the same product cheaper. Unfortunately for them, they cannot opt out of this come Black Friday – good news for the UK consumer.

Black Friday best deals

Last year on Black Friday, Currys had an online waiting list for their visitors leaving them waiting 30minutes to even access their site. This proved to be a wise move considering Black Friday saw websites dropping like flies unable to cope with the volume of traffic. As Black Friday is renowned for deals on white goods and tech, the wait is bound to be worth it this year too.


The GAME website crashed last Black Friday with the volume of traffic it received and their stores also saw thousands and thousands of sales. Tech and gaming garner much interest on Black Friday, and GAME are more than likely to be offering similar bundles and consoles at low prices like last year. Any gamer would be insane not to check GAME out this Black Friday.

Black Friday is the best chance UK shoppers have at grabbing a serious bargain in the run up to Christmas. Whether you choose to don your battle armour and brave the high street or stay in the relative safety of your home and shop online; Black Friday 2015 promises to be an event not to be missed.