Expert Wrapping Tips for Show-Stopping Christmas Presents

Buying thoughtful Christmas presents was the hard part, now it’s time to have some fun…

There’s an art to wrapping Christmas presents, but you could master it in no time, because some of our favourite bloggers have shared their wisdom – giving you creative tips and tricks for irresistibly good looking gifts. After all, why go to such an effort to find the perfect presents, only to fall at the final hurdle, by sticking underwhelming gifts under your Christmas tree?

It’s also well-worth remembering how to return your gifts to Amazon or to any other retailer, should Santa miss the mark this year.

1. Keep it colour coordinated

“Choose a colour palette or theme, starting with your wrapping paper and build around it buying colour coordinated gift tags, twine, ribbon and garnishes and don’t deviate from it. Choose a separate colour palette or theme for adults and children or by families to help easily identify presents and make things fun. Put clothes and oddly shaped, difficult to wrap items in a gift box before wrapping.”

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2. Go the extra mile for your fellow grown-ups

“When it comes to wrapping kids presents, I will quite simply just slap some sellotape on, leaving plenty of places for them to rip it open; I don’t think they really care what it looks like and just want to be in there! With adult gifts, I try to make them look a bit prettier. Nice paper, a sparkly gift tag, some shiny ribbon (all coordinating colours, of course); and nice creases in the paper!”

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3. Design your own wrapping paper

“The boys used to love spending the Christmas holidays potato stamping my brown paper. Grab a stencil if you don’t feel artistic and some sparkly gold paint and voila you have stunning bespoke paper and happy children!”

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“There are some beautiful ways to wrap presents if you have the time and the inclination. From homemade wrapping paper with the kids to using simple brown paper and ribbon… We do love making our own pine cone wrapping paper though, and it’s a fun thing to do with the kids. In fact, I even bought a big roll of lining paper to do this again next week with the kids.”

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4. Or experiment with materials other than paper

“Make the wrapping part of the gift, this is not as crazy as it sounds, I love to use vintage scarves to wrap gifts, they look amazing, and there’s no waste after the gift is unwrapped!  Even if you don’t want to include bows, I think tying a present with ribbon makes it look so much prettier than one without. It also helps the present to stay wrapped up!”

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