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About Experian


Experian is the world’s leading information services company – your first call for learning more about your credit rating and ways to manage information on your financial standing.

If you’re looking for information about your credit score, like what it is and how it affects you, it is essentially a summary of your borrowing and repayments, including information on any late payments, credit card defaults and overdue bills.

How do you know what others can find out about you? By calling the Experian Customer Services number 0871 423 0162. Your credit scores are easily damaged and bad credit can prevent you from gaining future loans or favourable interest rates. It’s common for employers to check your score before hiring you too.

Therefore, it pays to know your credit rating and have access to the kind of services you can use to monitor it. To contact them, dial Experian’s customer helpline number 0871 423 0162

The History of Experian

Experian was formed in 1996 following the merger of an American and an English company, but its origins date back as far as 1826 when a group of London merchants began to exchange information on customers’ trustworthiness when paying back their debts.

The Manchester Guardian Society, formed in the same year, and the first formal credit organisation, later became part of Experian. The emergence of accessible computing and databases in the 1980s enabled companies to link with banks and to explore new products and services in the field of information management.

However, it took the Internet to create Experian. With the Internet came a world in which huge amounts of personal data were held electronically – and Experian was well placed to help people to understand its value and to manage it for business purposes.

Experian Today

Today, Experian is the world’s leading information services company employing 17,000 people in 37 countries. Based in Dublin, Ireland, Experian is listed on the UK Stock Exchange and is part of the FTSE 100.

Consumers now are increasingly aware of the importance of their personal data. Businesses who hold this data can use it to reach customers and add value to the customer experience. Experian transforms data into information to help people and businesses to protect, manage and make the most of their data.

Experian now helps millions of people to access their credit reports online. By so doing, they help people to understand their financial status and to protect themselves against fraud and identity theft. In a business day, Experian can produce 3.5 million credit reports.

Subscribing to Experian means they will constantly monitor your situation, and identify unusual activity that might suggest identity fraud. Consumer services also include the management of online information e.g. through social media. To make a regular subscription to Experian’s consumer services, you can simply call the Experian contact number 0871 423 0162.

In addition to this Experian provide credit reporting which allows banks, building societies, and businesses to make quick lending decisions.

A credit report enables a lender to evaluate the capacity and reliability of the creditor to repay borrowing, providing an accurate picture of someone’s ability to pay. Credit ratings allow reliable borrowers to benefit from more competitive interest rates.

On top of this, Experian helps businesses to analyse the data they hold and to use it to provide new and better services to existing customers. Data can unlock information about people’s buying preferences and habits, revealing a hidden value to the company.

In addition to all this, Experian’s marketing services help businesses to better connect with customers, generating customer loyalty. To find out more about any of these business-to-business services, you can contact Experian Customer Services on 0871 423 0162.

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