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About EE

EE, formerly known as Everything Everywhere, was launched in 2010 as a result of a joint venture by Deutsche Telekom and Orange S.A. It is considered to be the largest mobile network company operating in the UK with a customer base of over 28 million subscribers, and is a leading operator of 4G services across Europe. Even though EE hasn’t been present for a long time in the mobile industry, it has taken considerably longer than a day to build the empire that is known as the UK’s most advanced digital communication company. The company focuses on prospering its 4G market in 160 towns and cities, for which they have invested £1.5 billion over three years.

Services of EE

As of present, EE has over 28 million customers and boasts about being the fastest mobile network in the country. It also provides fixed fibre broadband services which stretch out to 15 million households. EE is the pioneer in establishing biggest and fastest 3G and 4G networks in the UK, with focusing on increasing their 4GEE speeds. It is constantly growing to provide superfast data services with unbelievable connectivity no matter where you are. With all the rave about 4G services, it has not left behind its core network service which is providing mobile connectivity across complex platforms with clear coverage in more places.

EE extend their reliable mobile network services to consumers, businesses, wholesale market and government. It has strived to achieve an independent recognition in the field of mobile network connectivity and has been ranked as “UK’s best overall network” by RootMetrics. EE has been awarded numerous awards and titles including ‘Best Network’, ‘Fastest Network’, ‘Best Network for Business’, among others. EE takes its business seriously and is persistently putting in effort to provide an overall new digital infrastructure for the country.

Customer Service

EE has been committed to providing its customers with high quality service with unbeatable promptness and dedication. Its highly co-operative workforce attempts to fulfil its customers’ expectations by addressing and combating their issues and concerns productively. If you are facing some difficulties with your network, are unsatisfied with the service you receive and would like to report a complaint, you may wish to access the EE customer service phone number on 0843 9020733 to do so.

Most of the time companies don’t provide a direct contact number on their website. We however, have provided a comprehensive list of telephone numbers of leading companies’ customer services departments. Similarly if you have issues that require support or a complaint that you would like to voice, then you may call the EE contact number on 0871 244 4855.

You can access EE helpline number 24 hours a day on 0871 244 4855, however EE’s customer executives are not always available during these hours. Keep in mind it is important to call within the time schedule they have provided. EE’s customer services team provide a helpful and friendly experience as they strive to resolve your matters in the best possible way.

You should always experience a satisfactory level of service after you contact the EE customer services representative, as EE’s customer services representatives try their best to deal with your complaints effectively and never leave you hanging in the middle.

An EE customer services representative will take you through various steps of subscription for the range of mobile services EE provides to its customers. You can be rest assured that you will not be left behind when it comes to operating or subscribing to EE services. The EE customer service number can also be of help if you have no knowledge about the company’s latest 4G offering. You can call the EE customer service number on 0871 244 4855 and a representative will guide you through the installation process.


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