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About Ebay

Formerly known as AuctionWeb, eBay was first founded in California by Pierre Omidyar on September 3rd, 1995. The first item that was auctioned at eBay was a broken laser printer sold at $14.83. eBay soon rose to success by providing eCommerce services. Now it is a multi-million dollar business which has localised operations in over thirty countries. You can buy or sell just about anything on eBay. The company enhanced its services and expanded product categories attracting more and more registered users. In 2008 eBay’s revenue reached almost $7.7 billion.

Are you facing difficulties with your account details or having issues with a purchase?

People can call the eBay customer service number on 0871 244 9830 to obtain guidance and assistance with regards to account details such as change of password, cancellation of account or an upgrade in order to reach international market. Whatever your concerns are, the eBay customer service team is ready to assist you with your problems. There are no calling limits when you place a call on their helpline because eBay is a multinational company. If you have complaints which need to be registered or security issues which are bothering you, eBay customer service number will connect you directly to its customer services department.

eBay has established call centres around the world which will directly link you with the concerned representative that can assist you in your specific country. eBay understands that every country has its own regulatory bodies and technical issues that can be best addressed by its vigorous and easily accessible customer services team. eBay has a vast network of operations across continents, meaning it can become difficult to locate a phone number that not only functions but also connects you directly to an eBay customer service department. By calling the eBay customer service number on 0871 244 9830 you will be directed to an eBay customer services representative who will be able to guide you step-by-step towards a solution.

Are you stuck and don’t know who will take care of your issues?

With eBay’s large and diverse product categories, there are guaranteed to be callers wanting to enquire about different products. In such cases, calling eBay customer service on 0871 244 9830 will ensure that you are connected to the appropriate representative rather than wasting time while you are on hold.

Many companies provide information on their website, which at times can become intimidating for viewers who are finding it hard to navigate through the website and locate the relevant information. In such situations customers prefer to speak to someone who can actively take care of their issues and convince them that the matter will be dealt with as soon as possible.

The eBay customer services team makes sure that it either solves your problem early on. In situations where the problem is complex and no solution can be arrived at, they will forward it on to the relevant department or personnel who will be able to resolve the issue. eBay makes sure that its customer services team is equipped with the necessary etiquettes and expertise to provide guidance to its customers, which is why it currently invests funds in various training programmes.

With phone lines being frequently busy, eBay has provided an option for live chat which enables customers to contact an eBay representative online who is prompt to respond to their queries. Due to eBay’s large customer base, you might experience a monotonous follow up due to busy phone lines. Once you get through to an eBay customer services representative however, you are provided with realistic solutions that will tackle your issues and concerns whether product, service, account management or privacy related.

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