EasyJet leave passengers furious after baggage break complaints

From horse and carriage to train, boat and then flying, the way we travel has evolved massively. This is the same for our luggage. As it has had to adapt with our travelling, whether that’s making smaller cases for smaller trips or adding wheels in order for it be dragged around when we’re on the move. Over these years, however, one factor that has always been essential is the strength of the suitcases. As time has passed material has been made stronger and more durable. So you can imagine EasyJet customers surprise recently when they found that their luggage has been damaged following flights.

easyJet plane

Even with these stronger materials and more complex designs, it seems that they’re still struggling to keep up with modern-day travel. In some cases, people’s luggage can turn out to be completely destroyed with its contents taking damage as well. This was what happened for one EasyJet customer who’s suitcase went missing and upon its return, she found it completely torn apart from its travels. After the travel company had lost her luggage for 3 days she finally had it returned to her covered in film in order to keep the contents secured. After discovering the damage that her case had taken she took to twitter to show how bad the damage was and claiming that she will be contacting EasyJet tirelessly in order for them to rectify their damage.

Luggage complaints

Luggage complaints are one of the highest in the travel business understandably, however, not many people know what they are actually entitled to when their belongings are broken or lost. As of the Montreal Convention of 1999, your belongings and cargo are all protected as of when they’re checked in until they’re picked up. This means that your flight company are liable for it and should compensate you for anything that goes wrong on their end accordingly. Although this convention was introduced to help those who have been affected by luggage being lost there are some grey areas that companies try to abuse in order to get out of compensating customers. 

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Finding out whether they’re in the wrong however becomes difficult to determine how the firms should assess the claim as well as what you’re entitled to for compensation. So in light of this, we have decided to help set the record straight on your rights when it comes to damaged or lost luggage.

Lost or damaged luggage

The Montreal Convention states that airlines are responsible for the bags they allow you to check in, although their liability is limited.

If you’re taking something on your travels that has value, then you must either get a ‘special declaration of interest in the delivery of your luggage’ from the airline or carry the item in your hand luggage.

For mishandled baggage claims, the liability limit of airlines is around £1,200 per passenger. 

Claims are assessed in two ways:

  • damage or loss caused by delay of passengers, baggage or cargo
  • damage caused by the destruction, loss or damage to baggage.

Damage is considered by airlines to be costs, such as expenses incurred by passengers buying essential items when luggage is delayed, or compensation for loss of baggage. 

However, it can also be incidental expenses related to the mishandling of baggage. These expenses may include the cost of transport to pick up a delayed bag from the airport.


If your luggage is damaged

If, when you pick up your luggage from the belt in the baggage hall you find that your luggage is damaged then you must take it to the luggage handling counter to fill out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). The airline will then be in contact with you to discuss the extent of the damage and reparations to rectify the problems. It’s not a legal requirement to have a PIR however these do help speed up the processes.

How do you contact EasyJet?

Every year 1000’s of people finish their travels to find their luggage to be lost or broken and many struggle to receive the compensated they deserve. If you have had issues with EasyJet in the past regarding the above issues then make sure to get into contact with the EasyJet customer services to make a claim or to find out how far along your claim may be.