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About DVLA

For those of you who are concerned about personalised registration for their car or want to enquire about tax and licensing, calling DVLA customer service number on 0871 244 9704 is important for you.

Formed in 1965, DVLA is a UK Government body which is responsible for managing a complex and comprehensive database of drivers in the UK as well as a database of registered vehicles in the country. It deals in issuing driving licenses and collection of vehicle excise duty and sells personalised registrations. DVLA is responsible for ensuring that specific driving regulations are encompassed, specifically focusing on driver’s license, excise duty and personalised registrations.

I want to change the address on my license. How do I do it?

With technology changing constantly, innovative methods are being adopted such as the new photo-based driver’s license which has enabled the implementation of tighter and stricter security measures.

It is also necessary that you update your information in DVLA records. The best contact number for customer service is 0871 244 9704. You will be able to get in touch with a responsible representative who can help you update your information in their records.

The DVLA customer service contact number will direct you to their customer services team that will be able to address your issues concerning change of address, contact number or any other modifications. Updating your address is essential because it is printed on both sides of the driving license. You can call the DVLA contact number to process your order so that your address and other modifications can take place.

I want a personalised registration number. What is the DVLA customer service contact number?

Many people like to personalise their registration number in order to give their vehicles a personal touch. DVLA is the only department who has access to the allocation of numbers and letterings when it comes to vehicle registration. Therefore, if you are wondering who to approach with regards to your personalised registration then call DVLA contact number on 0871 244 9704 and speak to a representative. In order to obtain information on auction process and how to find new registration, you may also wish to call this number.

I can’t find a personalised registration number which I like via DVLA, but a dealer website has it. Can I get the registration number from them?

There are people who sell their second-hand plates for an inflated price; this makes others interested in buying these plates. Before you decide to purchase these registration numbers, it is best to call the DVLA customer service contact number 0871 244 9704 and speak to a representative who will provide information related to your enquiry. People should keep in mind that such registration numbers aren’t endorsed or licensed by DVLA so if you end up purchasing one, it might cause problems later on.

I can’t find the registration I want. Who do I call?

DVLA caters to millions of customers with a wide range of registration numbers. There might be instances where you might not find the exact registration number that you are looking for. For such situations, you can call DVLA customer service contact number and talk to the DVLA customer services team. The DVLA customer services team can scan the DVLA database to locate the specific registration number you are looking for.

I want to transfer my current registration to another vehicle, is it possible?

If you are interested in transferring your registration number to another vehicle and you aren’t sure what to do, contact the DVLA customer services team on 0871 244 9704 who will guide and assist you accordingly.

Though you can’t revive an older or former registration number, you can have your current registration transferred to another vehicle charged with an additional fee of around £80. For further information and enquiries you can call the DVLA customer services team.

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