Customer Service Trends for 2016

Every year, the customer service industry sees new trends as technology and shopping habits evolve and change and 2016 doesn’t look like it will disappoint. It seems as though the consumer’s voice has finally been heard as we shout from the rooftops about being fed up of poor customer service and slow response times; companies are finally beginning to take notice.

This year is looking like it is going to see some big changes in customer services. Technology is finally receiving the recognition it deserves as a platform and companies are looking to get much more interactive with their customers in a bid to raise standards to an entirely new level. Here are just some of the trends we predict will be spotted in 2016.

Recognition of smart shoppers

It seems as though companies are beginning to wake up to the fact that as consumers, we value quality over price every time. Many shoppers will prefer to pay a higher price if they feel as though they are paying for a better service. As consumers, we are not blindly paying for any old tat; we know what good service is and we know what isn’t, and we are not shy about pointing out the difference. Expect 2016 to see companies raising the bar on customer service experiences to bring in the service we know we deserve.

Smartphones are taking over the world

With 90% of all adults now owning a mobile phone, companies can no longer ignore that the way we access online services and shops has changed. With many consumers now being less concerned about the phone aspect of a smartphone and more interested in the rest of its capabilities, companies are going to be changing the way they present their online content. Expect to see more mobile friendly websites and customer support platforms, to keep in line with the ever growing popularity of smart phones and tablets as the most popular way to access content online.

Customer service trends 2016

The age of self-service

Consumers are much happier to seek their own answer to queries rather than waste what feels like hours on hold to a very friendly adviser who can’t help you and must transfer you to another department, who also can’t help you. 2016 should see more FAQ pages appear online and also companies taking advantage of incredibly popular platforms such as YouTube to post “how to” videos to explain how to fix common issues or explain how to work their product.

Social media

Social media is everywhere. With millions of users worldwide it is simply the biggest platform for sharing of ideas and opinions. Consumers have been voicing their issues and problems and praises online for several years now but it seems businesses are finally clocking on. In 2016, any good customer service team will be keeping tabs on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to respond to customer comments quickly and appropriately.

Taking it back to the old school

With advances in technology, it can be nice to see someone take the time to make their customer service more personal. We are now so used to interacting faceless, nameless advisers that a touch of personal interaction can catch us off guard. Some companies will be taking us back in time with hand written notes and personalised calls and emails to thank customers for their business. This is looking to be a big trend in 2016 with companies looking for a unique way to stand out in the crowd.