“Customer Service” Parody Trolls Complaining Customers

Social media sites such Facebook and Twitter have given consumers with complaints about poor customer service, faulty products, and anything else that they find annoying, the perfect platforms to share their grievances with the masses. For the most part, these complaints are more or less on the level, but there are some on the other hand that are obviously borne out of frustration with life in general, and due to this you really can’t help but feel sorry for the customer service rep sometimes. Customer service workers are forced to respond to some truly ridiculous complaints, from some very unruly customers, with dignity and poise. Imagine what customer service responses would be if the rep actually said what they were truly thinking. One Facebook account did just that, and the result was nothing short of hilarious.

Customer Service

No doubt there are a fair share of customer service reps declaring the cheeky Facebook account camouflaged under the name “Customer Service” as their new personal hero. This counterfeit customer service rep has been taking to social media, and a variety of company sites, responding to customer complaints with satire and hilarity. The result? Complainants are both angered and confused while the rest of the world have a chuckle at their expense. The companies that fell victim to this imposter probably didn’t find it quite as amusing as the rest of us did and there was probably at least some damage control needed after the complain. In “Customer Service’s” defence, however, a couple of these complainants really did deserve it.

Stereotypical fast food blunders.

One of the customer complainants duped by Customer Service was a man named Paul. Paul was having a particularly clumsy day that involved him spilling tea on his shirt, but according to Paul this just wasn’t one of those things, it was as a result of “stereotypical fast food blunders”. That -and the fact that although his fries were of adequate temperature, they were served to him without ketchup – formed the basis of his complaint. Oh, the humanity! Read below to see what Customer service had to say:

Paul- “stereotypical fast food blunders…. Upon first sip of tea, it spilled all the way down my shirt. Fries were hot enough, but no ketchup. They weren’t busy either. I know…. my fault completely….”

Customer Service- “Paul, thanks for realising that we cannot drink the tea for you and that this is all your fault. Hope this helps.”

Customer Service does indeed have a point; you can’t really blame the counter person for your inability to drink the tea. As for the missed packet of ketchup, well, check the bag before you leave next time Paul. This was one of Customer Services more mild responses, however. They get better – much better…

Customer Service 2

Why couldn’t it be petite?

Apparently, the Starbucks in Target pales in comparison to the Starbucks in Williamsburg, aside from their poor choice of title for their Frappuccino sizes. At least that’s how Starbucks customer and size-wording aficionado Jonathan felt when he aired his grievances regarding the size name to Starbucks Facebook page. According to Jonathan, Starbucks naming their smaller sized beverage cups “mini” was nothing short of offensive. Customer Service offered little consolation for the offensive Frappuccino size and used the word “mini” to describe his issue.

Jonathan- “I’m sitting here in the Starbucks in Williamsburg, the good one, not the horrible one in Target. And I’m completely offended. Your sizes are tall, grande, and venti. Yet you decide to call the even smaller frap a mini? Like, how could you? Why couldn’t it be petite? Why wouldn’t you give it another name? Anything else. But no. You called it mini.”

Customer Service- “Hi Jonathan, We think mini is also a good word to describe your problem. Hope this helps.”

Seriously, who cares what you call a Frappuccino? Just drink it!

Frivolous complainers beware, customer service has a new sheriff in town, and their name is “Customer Service”.