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About Income Support

Income Support benefit is provided to people who are low on income; it is also given to people who are sick, studying or are a single parent. People who can prove that they cannot take up employment further because they have to look after a disabled relative or have to take care of their children can also claim Income Support. In order to determine whether you are eligible for support you can contact Income Support customer service number on 0871 244 4845 and ask a representative about the formalities.

I have placed a claim for Income Support and would like to know how long it will take to process?

Every claim is different and there is no set time during which it will be processed. Some claims might take longer compared to others due to their complex nature. It is best to contact Income Support customer service number 0871 244 4845 to determine how long will it take for your claim to be processed. In order to receive effective and valuable advice it is in your best interest to contact Income Support contact number and get in touch with one of its highly skilled representatives. It can be frustrating while waiting for your claim to be answered. It can take up to 39 weeks before your claim is processed. Either way, by contacting income support on 0871 244 4845 you will have a clearer idea of how long your case will take to resolve.

I am not happy with the decision taken for my claim and I would like to appeal against it, what do I do?

It is completely understandable that after anticipating a positive response, if you receive a decision which isn’t in your favour it can be upsetting. But the best action to take at that moment is to get in touch with the Income Support customer services team. The Income Support customer services team will try its best to address your matter as efficiently as possible and reassure you that the matter will be looked into and resolved as soon as possible.

But either way if you are unsatisfied and still want to place an appeal then contact Income Support on 0871 244 4845 and they will guide you through the process of appeal. A representative will be able to provide crucial information on details such as entitlement to your benefit, rate to be received, back-dated benefits and overpayments. Trying to appeal for your case can be a complex and a technical procedure and you will require help. You can place a call to a representative who will provide the relevant guidance required.

I want to make a sickness Income Support claim, what do I do?

Only recently has Income Support transferred the claims for sickness over to the Employment and Support Allowance team (ESA) which now takes care of its operation. There hasn’t been any significant change in the amount of claim but it will now be under a different type of payment name. If you are confused about this change and not sure who to forward your claim to then contact Income Support customer services team and ask a representative who will guide you accordingly and address your concerns promptly. You can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality of customer service and customer satisfaction by contacting the Income Support customer services team.

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