Christmas Phone Gift Ideas 2018

Desperate for some good Christmas ideas for tech lovers? 2017 has seen a wave of new mobile phones, add-ons, software and apps that are bound to keep everyone happy. Here’s a quick round-up of what’s hot, what’s on trend, and some hints to make your Christmas shopping a little easier.

For kids

Kids are notoriously clumsy, and the first thing to suffer is often their mobile phone. A rugged protective case is the obvious solution, but to make sure your kids use it you’ll need to pick one that’s on-trend. Quirky Lego block designs are top of the list this year, or you could go with a tough ‘Bear Grylls’ version, which is ideal for outdoor-loving youngsters who simply can’t leave their mobile at home when they’re off exploring.


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Designs for cases have exploded, and now you can get everything from sparkly unicorns to customised photo cases featuring your beloved grandchildren, dog, cat, or your precious motorbike. A customised case is a great way to really personalise a Christmas phone gift, but make sure you get the right case for the right phone.

Other trends for 2018 include diamante cases for some serious bling. This season’s hottest colour is copper, although metallic finishes in general, including rose gold and brushed steel, are seriously popular.

For Tech lovers

Want to watch a film on your phone but fed up with the tiny picture? A great gadget for film lovers is the Smartphone projector. Simply slot your smartphone into the carrier on the back, and the retro-style box complete with lens projects the image onto any flat surface. Turn your bedroom or living room wall into a cinema screen instantly. They’re cheap, cheerful, and a fun gift for Christmas.

Speakers are still popular, and a great idea during the festive season. Cube speakers are top of the style list, but remember not to skimp too much on cost, as with speakers the more you pay the better the quality of sound you get. Bose continue to be an excellent mid-range choice, and their funky range of designs and colours are bound to be a hit with everyone.

If your recipient likes to keep their music to themselves, then there are a huge number of headphones on offer. Wireless or Bluetooth versions are popular with younger users, while sporty folk may prefer in-ear buds rather than over-ear headphones.

For fitness lovers

After the indulgence of Christmas comes the inevitable New Year fitness resolutions. If you’re determined to get out there and start pounding the pavement, or have a family member or friend who is a total gym bunny, mobile phone accessories are a great way to keep them on track. Wireless ear-buds let them listen to their music during their workout. If they’re already tech’d up, look out for subscription apps that they can sync to their existing phone, especially those that help them tailor their workout to maximise results.


Set-up issues

Setting up a new piece of tech can be a long and drawn-out process. There’s nothing worse than being given a shiny new piece of tech only to struggle to set it up, sync it to your Wi-Fi network, or generally struggle to get that gorgeous new iPhone fired up. When you’re buying your tech, make sure you have plenty of customer support options, such as 24/7 hotlines or support from your network provider e.g. contacting GiffGaff, EE or Three directly. If you want to sync your tech so you can download photos then a good choice (if you’re using a Microsoft OS on your PC or laptop) is to use the Mobile Phone Setup Wizard.

Each provider has online set-up sites, so it’s usually a simple matter of following the step-by-step instructions.

That shiny new iPhone X

It’s on everyone’s wish list this year, but unless you’re someone very special then don’t expect to unwrap a shiny new iPhone X on Christmas morning. With a price tag of around £1,000, you’ll really have to be on the nice list to earn one of these! However, if you are looking for a very special present for someone who loves their tech, the X is a box-ticker. Exceptional biometric security (the only way to unlock the phone is through facial recognition) makes it safer, while a 5.8-inch OLED Super Retina screen gives it some serious visual impact. Be warned – it’s a glass phone (front and back), so whatever you do, don’t drop it!