Christmas Delivery Guide

Yes, it may only be October, but Christmas is fast approaching and the high streets will start to fill with eager shoppers. The organised are trying to make sure that they are fully prepared for the festivities, drowned in shopping bags for each member of the family.

With the growth of e-commerce slowly making it more dominant in the market, more and more people are taking their Christmas lists to the internet. With the ability to visit multiple shops at once from the comfort of your own home it’s easy to work out why shopping online is becoming more popular. The ability to have next day delivery makes it even sweeter to shop online instead of the weight of your shopping becoming heavier as the day goes by. As this form of shopping becomes more popular, the ability to get your last-minute Christmas shopping done becomes even more tempting. We get a wider range in presents as warehouses are still stocked full of the most popular gifts.

Christmas gift


As the biggest online retailer, there’s no doubt that Amazon will be a popular destination for many Christmas shoppers this year. With the option for many items to be gift wrapped and sent directly to the house the gift is intended for it seems like they are 2nd favourite to Santa’s grotto. They work just as hard over Christmas, to get your presents there in time you have till December the 19th to guarantee standard delivery to arrive before the big day. If you’re going for last minute shopping then you have until the 23rd of December to decide what you’re getting. This will mean you have to pay a delivery fee of £6.49 unless you’re an Amazon prime member. If you want to find out more you can contact the Amazon customer services number.


When it comes to Christmas one of the main brands that’s at the top of people’s lists is Apple. From iPhone to iPad, MacBook to Air pods, Apple has a lot of must-have gifts in their roster that many of us want and some feel they need. When it comes to buying these online you may want to be more organised and not leave these to the last minute. They’ve warned that the last day to order to get presents in time for Christmas is the 17th of December. Standard delivery allows you to get free delivery when you spend over £20. If you miss this date, then your final chance is on the 19th of December. You’ll also have to pay £3.99 for delivery. If you want to find out more you can contact the Apple customer services number.

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Whether you’re buying everyone some socks for Christmas or you need to get a last-minute Christmas jumper for the family dinner, ASOS has you covered. As well as Christmas items, they stock a wide range of mens and ladies fashion. You can buy anything from trainers to sweatshirts, dresses and t-shirts. They also have you covered for those last-minute purchases. Standard delivery is available up until the 21st of December which is free when you spend over £20. Last-minute delivery is available up until the 23rd. This will come with a delivery charge of £5.95. If you spend over £100, you’ll be able to get free last-minute delivery. If you need more information you can contact the ASOS customer services number.

John Lewis

John Lewis is known for its amazing and wonderful Christmas adverts. When they finally release it you know it’s time to get the tree and hang the stockings. These festivities go right up till the final few days of Christmas. Whether you need decorations for the tree, ornaments for the dinner table or presents for loved ones, John Lewis has you covered. All this is available till 19th on standard delivery where if you spend over £50 becomes free. If you miss this deadline you’ve got till the 22nd for any final purchases. This will cost an extra £6.95. If you need to get in touch with them, simply call the John Lewis customer services number.


If you look onto the Next online store, their Christmas pages are filled with tonnes of gift ideas. With gifts for him and gifts for her, to gifts you can personalise for everyone, they’ve thought of the perfect way to get all your shopping done in one go. This even goes all the way down to great stocking fillers and secret Santa ideas. Their online store allows you to shop to your heart’s content and you’ve got plenty of time to get your orders in as their standard delivery doesn’t end till the 19th of December which is £3.99 per delivery or free when spending over £50. Their express delivery is open until the 23rd of December. If you need more information, contact the Next customer services number.


Mostly known for their high street stores selling high fashion clothing, Topshop and Topman have taken their collections online. Full of this seasons designs, they have clothes to suit everyone’s style at a good price. What you can’t miss is their delivery deadline. In order to get your clothes delivered in time, you have to make your final order by the 20th. If not, you’ll have till the 23rd for express delivery which will cost you another £6.

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