Christmas Adverts 2020

They seem to arrive earlier and earlier every year and whether you love them or loath them, this year’s Christmas adverts have been unveiled.

From arguably the most hyped annual offering from John Lewis to the likes of Amazon and some of your favourite supermarkets, we’re here to run you through the adverts creating the most excitement and doing the best job at getting the nation into the festive spirit.

John Lewis

Let’s start with the big one – John Lewis. This year’s ad, like most other years, was probably the most hyped, and we think it lived up to it. Tying into their ‘Give a Little Love’ charity campaign, the ad depicts various people (and even pigeons) performing little acts of kindness to help others. Featuring the original song ‘A Little Love’ by Celeste, the ad plays on the philosophy of ‘do good things and good things will happen to you’.

You can view the advert here:


Building on their recent advertising campaigns, the 2020 ASDA Christmas advert continues to follow Sunny and his family, this time showing them making the most of Christmas this winter. The ad, whilst acknowledging coronavirus, aims to inspire customers who will be spending more time at home, from decorating their house to the online Christmas shop.

Watch it here:


This year, Tesco are using their Christmas ad to encourage shoppers to treat themselves after the rubbish year we’ve generally all had. Set to Britney Spears’ ‘Oops!… I Did It Again’, the ad tells various people who’ve committed ‘naughty’ COVID-19-related acts that there is no naughty list this year. They include a girl who gave her sister a bad haircut, people who stockpiled toilet roll and even a man who didn’t donate to Captain Tom!

Check it out here:


This year’s Sainsbury’s advert keeps it simple. Playing on the coronavirus pandemic, the ad features a phone call between a father and daughter reminiscing on previous Christmases, hoping that they will be able to spend this year’s festive season together again. In particular, the father and daughter discuss Christmas dinner, which leads to the dad singing his catchy ‘Gravy Song’, to the daughter’s dismay.

View the advert here:


This year’s emotional Amazon Christmas advert follows a talented ballet dancer training hard for the role of a lifetime, only to have the performance cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. After things failed to go to plan in true 2020 fashion, her friends and family utilise their ingenuity, and of course Amazon, to put on a show for her to show off everything she had worked all year training for, delivering a spectacular and heart-warming performance for all her neighbours to see.

Watch the advert here:

So that’s our roundup of some of our favourite Christmas adverts in 2020. Make sure to check the ads out for yourselves and use the links provided to visit the company pages if you need to get in contact with them.