Christmas Adverts 2019

The time of year is here, all the Christmas adverts are been released and the excitement starts to build for the festive season.

As ever, John Lewis has dominated the talk on social media with efforts from Sainsbury’s and Very getting people talking. We’re going to run you through the three mentioned and the best of the rest to get you in the mood for the festive season ahead.

John Lewis Christmas Advert 2019

Alongside Waitrose & Partners, John Lewis has released their Christmas advert for 2019 following the story of a little girl and the excitable Edgar the Dragon. Partnered with music from Bastille covering “Can’t Fight This Feeling” the advert encourages others to “show them how much you care”.

You can view the advert here:

Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2019

One of the best Christmas Adverts, Sainsbury’s 2019 effort celebrates the 150th anniversary of their first store opening. It follows the story of Nicholas the Sweep, winding time back to Christmas Eve 1869, the year of their first store opening.

Watch the advert below:

Very Christmas Advert 2019

Very was one of the early birds, releasing their advert at the start of November. They encourage their viewers to “Get More out of Giving”, a trait that’s certainly worth encouraging at Christmas time!

Watch the advert here and see for yourself:

Argos Christmas Advert 2019

For Argos, their Christmas advert was combined with a campaign titled “The Book of Dreams“. This not only saw them release the advert but also a digital copy of each of their Christmas catalogues for customers to get nostalgic over.

You can view the advert here:

Ikea Christmas Advert 2019

Ikea has provided us with a slightly different effort this year, unsurprisingly focusing on your home. In their advert, they try and encourage people to be more confident in their home, particularly when it comes to hosting parties.

Watch the advert here:

ASDA Christmas Advert 2019

Last but not least, ASDA released their Christmas effort at the start of the month. It follows Jack and Tilly as they spread Christmas magic around their town. Titled “Let’s Make Christmas Extra Special” working in line with their “Extra Special” in-store range.

You can view the advert here: