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About Child Support Agency

You can call the Child Support Agency customer service number to get answers for all your queries and issues concerning a new claim or an existing one.

CSA was launched on 5 April, 1993 and is responsible for implementing the Child Support Act 1991. It is also responsible for calculating funds that are required for bringing up a child while the parents are undergoing a separation settlement. CSA also collects, enforces and transfers the payment from the non-resident parent to the person who is currently responsible for taking care of the child. As of November 2013, the CSA doesn’t exist anymore and has been replaced by the Child Maintenance Service. You can still contact them on their Child Service Agency customer service number 0871 244 9824.

I don’t know how Child Maintenance Service works.

Until one of the parent’s requests for the Child Service Agency to get involved, it cannot do anything on its own. CMS is an agreed stipend to be paid weekly or monthly from one parent to another based on who is taking care of the child. This payment is to ensure the proper upbringing of the child in respects of living costs, clothing and education.

Parents should keep in mind that there are strict regulations and criteria in order to prove their eligibility for the payment structure. If you want to enquiry about these strict guidelines then you can call Child Support Agency customer service number on 0871 244 9824 and ask for a representative to guide you through.

If your child is under the age of 16 and in full-time education, you can call Child Support Agency contact number 0871 244 9824 to enquire about your eligibility for claims. It is important that the parent who is taking responsibility for the child provides a nurturing and supportive environment where the child can flourish. If you have doubts about the kind of environment that is being provided to your child then call Child Support Agency contact number and tell them about your concerns.

I am interested in appealing for my case, who should I speak to?

While experiencing a separation, there is a lot to go through from facing financial difficulties to the emotional unrest. It can be hard to consider all aspects of arranging settlements essential for your child’s upbringing. Child Support Agency contact number can be invaluable. By speaking to Child Support Agency customer services representatives you will be able to connect to a representative who can provide support to you during these difficult times. It becomes hard to focus on technical details when you are going through such emotional unrest and by calling Child Support Agency customer services team on 0871 244 9824  you can find viable solutions and they will take care of the technical details.

I have missed a payment, what do I do?

If you have missed a payment call the Child Support Agency customer services team to obtain further information and advice on what consequences you are likely to face. It should be understood that missing payments frequently can result in strict action which can result in a visit from the bailiffs.

There can be various reasons why you might miss a monthly payment. Reasons can be many and numerous, ranging from excessive expenses to changing paydays. Whatever the reasons are for missing payments it is best to call Child Support Agency customer services team 0871 244 9824 and enquire about what actions to take next.

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