Cancelling your Admiral car insurance policy

Based in Wales, Admiral Car Insurance is one of the UK’s main insurance providers for both car and home cover. Primarily known for their multi-car insurance policies, they offer affordable, comprehensive cover and have a good reputation for customer service.

Like any insurance company, Admiral is regulated and as a customer, you have the same consumer rights as you do with any other provider. From cooling-off periods to the right to cancel, you can decide whether or not you want to stay with Admiral, or switch to another provider.

If you are insured with Admiral, they will normally automatically renew your car insurance policy when the due date arrives. Generally, the majority of people are happy to renew or continue with their cover, with a Reevoo poll of customers claiming that 97% are happy to renew with Admiral.

However, situations change, and you may need to cancel your policy. Here’s a quick guide to cancelling your Admiral car insurance cover.

Check the policy terms and conditions first

Step 1 is to go to the main Admiral website and check their cancellation policy online. This will give you a list of all the charges that may be involved, and what to do next. Whether you want to cancel a new policy within the initial 14-day cooling off period (which is a mandatory requirement), you want to cancel a policy mid-term, or if you wish to cancel a renewal before it’s due, you need to then contact the company direct, either by phone or online.


Cancelling over the phone

The operator will ask you for all your details, so it’s best to have them to hand before you pick up the phone. You’ll need:

  • Your policy number – usually found on the top right-hand corner of your insurance documents
  • The details of the exact service you want to cancel
  • Your bank details, including the direct debit amount (if you pay monthly) or debit/credit card details
  • Information about your vehicle
  • Your payment method in case there are cancellation fees to pay

Remember to cancel not just your policy, but your security questions, passwords, and the direct debit (if you’ve set one up).

Cancelling online

Log into your online Admiral My Account page, where you’ll find all the details of your services.

Admiral insurance policies are administered by EUI Limited, which means you have a separate agreement with this company as your policy administrator. Even if you cancel within the usual 14-day cooling off period at the start of your cover, they may still make an intermediary charge to cover the cost of setting up your policy in the first place. So expect charges, whether or not you’re cancelling within 14 days.


For single car insurance, that fee is likely to be around £25. If you’ve had the little box/safe drive unit installed, then you can add another £100 to that amount. However, depending on which policy you’ve chosen, you will receive that £100 back if you return the unit within 30 days. If you have multiple cars on a policy then cancellation will cost you £49.50, plus a further £5/car for the Standalone breakdown cover.

Decide to opt out of your policy after 14 days, and the cancellation charges go up. For a single car you’ll pay £49.50. Admiral has a full list of cancellation charges listed on its website.

Once you’ve checked all the fees and charges, go to the help page, and to the Policy change area. Here you should be able to find the drop-down menu that lists cancellation as an option.

If you have any difficulties completing your cancellation online then the best thing to do is to give the Customer Service line a call.

Contact Admiral Insurance by calling 0871 244 9736

Connection call numbers like these cost 13ppm plus your company’s access charge. Contact Numbers UK provides a call forwarding service and are not associated with Admiral Insurance.