Cancel Virgin Media Contract Early

Virgin Media are one of the biggest and most popular tech companies in the UK. They provide the nation with services ranging from TV and Broadband to Mobile Phones and even flights around the world.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some are finding it difficult to pay the costs that come with TV and Broadband and are looking to cancel their contract with Virgin early. But can you cancel your Virgin Media contract early? We’ll take you through everything you need to know.

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Can you cancel your contract early?

The short answer is yes. Although if you do look to cancel early, you may need to pay what Virgin refer to as an ‘Early Disconnection fee’. This is essentially a fee for cancelling your contract early.

When you start your contract, you’ll typically sign up for a minimum period. This can be anything from 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 months. This will be agreed before you sign up and can be found on your Residential Services Contract that you sign before installation. If you choose to end your contract before this period is up, this is when you’ll be charged a fee.

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How much is the Early Disconnection Fee?

The fee you pay will vary depending on the customer and the calculation of how much you will be charged. This can depend on how much you pay for the services and how much of your minimum period remains.

The fee is calculated on an individual customer basis. So, for example, if your bundle includes additional services like Virgin Phone Talk or additional channels your fee may be different. You can call the Virgin Media customer services number to find out more and get any additional information around how much you’ll pay if you want to cancel early.

As an example, if you have a package that costs you £38 a month, your fee will be £30.54 per month you have left on your contract. So, if you have 4 months remaining, then you’ll pay 4 x £30.54 which would be a total cost of £122.16. The price will then very depending on the monthly cost of your current package. The bigger bundle and the higher your monthly cost, the more you’ll pay. So if your package costs you £81 a month, the cost to you will be £59.56. So if you have 4 months left on your deal, you’ll be expected to pay £238.24.

You can use the Early Disconnection Fee Guide by Virgin Media to estimate how much you could pay.

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Contacting Virgin Media

You may want to contact Virgin Media directly to discuss cancelling your contract early. You can give them a call directly on the Virgin Media contact number. Here you can speak directly to one of the customer services team and they can answer any questions that you have about your package. They can also try and explain to you more about the Early Disconnection Fee and how much you may be looking at paying.