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About Budgeting Loan

Life has a funny way of throwing unexpected living costs at you when you’re least prepared for them. Perhaps you’ve been hit with a heavy travel expense such as a yearly rail ticket, a rent spike, or home maintenance cost that needs addressing immediately. Thankfully, if you have been the recipient of certain benefits for 6 months or more, you are eligible for a 100% interest-free Budgeting Loan via, that can be paid back over the course of a two-year timeframe.

Are you Eligible?

If you have been the recipient of one or more of the following benefits for the past 6 months, then you are fully entitled to a Budgeting Loan:

Why Choose a Budgeting Loan?

If you’ve ever flicked your TV on during a daytime commercial break, you will have undoubtedly seen a personal loan ad that claims to be entirely catch-free. The saying ‘if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is’, is an old but all too often accurate one. Many customers sign up for seemingly straightforward personal loans, only to be later hit by unexpected interest charges and hidden extra charges later on. Launched by the HM Government services, Budgeting Loans are a far safer and more reliable option. With a 100% interest-free guarantee and flexible repayment plans that stretch to two years, this is a transparent strategy for taking the stress out of everyday expenses.




How Much are you Entitled to?

How large a loan you can apply for, depends entirely upon your status. The minimum amount you can apply for is £100, while single applicants are entitled to up to £348, couples £464 and recipients of Child Benefit £812.

Factors that affect the size of your application include:

  • Whether you can pay the loan back
  • Whether you have savings of more than £1,000 (£2,000 if you or your partner are 63 or over)
  • Whether you or your partner are paying back an existing Budgeting Loan or Crisis Loan

What are your Repayment Options?

The most stress-inducing aspect of any loan is often the repayment. Keeping track of all charges and navigating unexpected fees can cause customers a great deal of anxiety, undoing the good work that the loan did in the first place. Budgeting Loans give you up to two years to repay all sums borrowed, and a completely transparent payment plan tailored to your specific needs. How much and how often you repay depends on whether you receive benefits weekly or fortnightly and how large a Budgeting Loan you have applied for.

Visit today to explore all repayment plans.

How do you Apply? offers a range of application options. If you’re computer savvy and applying for yourself, you can fill out an online application form today. If you would rather print and post, then you can use their paper form to apply for your Budgeting Loan instead. The paper form must be completed if you are an appointee, applying for a loan on behalf of a friend or loved one.

Who can you speak to about your Budgeting Loan?

Alongside online applications, you can speak to staff members at your local Jobcentre Plus or call Social Fund on 0800 169 0140 to further discuss your case.

Social Fund’s contact hours are 08:00 – 18:00 Monday to Friday and calls incur no charges as it’s a freephone number. If you wish to speak with some directly from Budgeting Loans, the Budgeting Loans contact number UK is 0871 244 9701.

Unhappy with the result of your application?

If you are dissatisfied with the result of your Budgeting Loan application or the treatment you receive during this process, you can bring a complaint to the Independent Case Examiner, who is an impartial reviewer. You will need to provide your name and address, National Insurance number and phone number as well as the details of your individual case (what has been said, who you have spoken to etc.).

The Independent Case Examiner can be contacted on 0800 414 8529 Monday to Friday 08:00 – 18:00, or via emails to –

All post must be sent to:

The Independent Case Examiner
PO Box 209
L20 7WA

Security requires you to set up a password-protected account, so be sure to check that you’re on a secure site and keep all passwords private. Never leave your browser open and unattended while your private information is on display.

Visit The Budgeting Loan website –

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