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About BT


BT Group is the trading name for what is commonly known as BT or the holding company British Telecommunications PLC. They are a multinational telecommunications service company that operate in over 170 countries worldwide, providing individual customers and businesses with telephone, broadband and television services.

If you’re looking to get in touch with BT as an existing or new customer you can easily do so by phoning them on 0871 244 4876. This number will take you directly to their customer services team, where they have trained advisors who can help you with all manner of queries. Whether you’re having a problem with your telephone service or want to install a new TV and broadband connection when you’ve moved house, you can arrange for a technician to come out and visit you or solve the problem remotely over the phone.

The Origins of BT

The origins of BT dates back as far as 1846, with the founding of the Electric Telegraph Company who developed one of the first nationwide communication networks in the UK. Tie that in with when Alexander Bell invented the telephone and people began to see great developments in the telecommunications industry, leading to number of telephone exchanges being set up across the country.

In 1912, the Electric Telegraph Company and other telecommunication companies of the time were amalgamated and taken under state control by the General Post Office, and rebranded under British Telecom. When the General Post Office became a public corporation in 1969, it eventually led to British Telecom operating independently of them in 1981 under the name of British Telecommunications, but with the Government still having a share in the business. However, in 1984, British Telecommunications, was privatised and the Government stake shares were later sold between 1991 and 1993, making it a completely private enterprise under British Telecommunications plc. From 1991 onwards, the company then began trading as BT, as we know it, and using this simplified name on all their branding.

In 1994, BT expanded its telecommunications network with a joint venture with United States company MCI Communication Corp, which gave them an edge over global communications, particularly for the business sector.

BT Services Today

Far from its state owned roots, BT is now a global operating telecommunication service with several operating subsidiaries, including BT Global Services for corporate and government clients and BT Consumer, which caters for over 18 million individual customers for broadband, telephony and television. Since early in 2015, they’re also in talks over purchasing mobile company EE Limited to expand their mobile telephone services too.

Many businesses and individuals alike choose BT as a reliable and comprehensive telecommunications provider. They offer high-quality telecommunication services including traditional ‘land-lines’, as well as more advanced broadband internet services and television packages.

Whether you’re looking for land-lines for your businesses or fast-streaming broadband in your home, BT offer a wide selection of services to their customers using the latest technology and highly trained engineers.

When you call their customer service support team 0871 244 4876, you’ll find helpful, friendly and professional advisors who can help you with whatever you need. It could be you’re moving home and want to retain the same home telephone number and TV package, or you’re experiencing technical issues with your mobile service, by calling BT on 0871 244 4876 they’ll find the right solution there an then.

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