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About BT Broadband

BT Broadband

BT is one of the world’s leading communications companies with customers in more than 170 countries worldwide. Their main activities include fixed line provision, telephone, mobile, broadband and TV services as well as networked IT.

In the UK, BT sells products and services directly to consumers as well as businesses and the public sector, and offers wholesale products and services worldwide.

Broadband is one of BT’s main products and service lines – you may have spent some time browsing their offers.

With the range of products and services available from BT Broadband, it’s not always easy to get direct access to ‘live’ advice and information. But it is available from the BT Broadband Customer Services number 0871 423 0163.

The History of BT Broadband

In 1896, the GPO took over the National Telephone Company, and in 1912 it became the monopoly supplier of the telephone service when it took over almost the whole private sector telephone service in the UK.

When the Post Office became a corporation in 1969 and split into two divisions, post and telecommunications, it retained its monopoly of both. In 1980, Post Office Telecommunications became the responsibility of a separate corporation and British Telecom was born.

BT Openreach is the BT Group Company which keeps UK homes and businesses connected to the Internet. It is responsible for the fibres that connect homes and businesses to the local telephone exchanges.

BT Openreach’s customers are all the other providers who offer us Internet connectivity. Having invested £2.5 billion into the provision of superfast fibre infrastructure in the UK, BT Openreach has provided access to it for around two-thirds of homes and businesses in the UK.

You can check to see if your area is covered by visiting the website, but if you’re looking for advice on what package to take then you may want to contact BT Broadband customer services. Call 0871 423 0163.

Similarly, if you have a query that’s not answered on the website then you can call the BT Broadband Customer Service number 0871 423 0163.

BT Broadband today

Around 5 billion devices globally are now connected to the Internet – our lives are more ‘connected’ than ever before, in homes as well as businesses, using more and more devices and appliances. Everything from phones, TVs and tablets, to games consoles – works better with a good Internet connection.

Standard broadband connections will increasingly struggle to cope with all the simultaneous demands these devices will make. With superfast fibre broadband from BT Broadband, the barriers are removed leaving everyone within a home or business able to do what they want online at the same time – without buffering, lost connections and down time.

Some of the services BT Broadband offer are listed below, but to get more information you may prefer to phone BT Broadband customer service.

BT Infinity is BT Broadband’s superfast fibre-optic broadband connection with download speeds of up to 76Mb, that’s five times faster than the UK average speed. It supports streaming and downloading from TV, music and film for several users simultaneously. So if you’re a small business, have an active online family, or live in shared accommodation with a number of users, this is the best option for you.

You don’t get the buffering associated with standard broadband connections and can watch catch-up TV, for example, without interruption. BT Broadband offers both limited and unlimited packages, with additional benefits such as free weekend calls and online security. There’s an activation fee, and a monthly payment usually associated with a 12-month contract. And BT’s sports channels come free.

But if BT Infinity isn’t yet in your area, or you don’t have a need for this level of service, standard broadband services offer a good alternative. Broadband and Broadband Plus offer similar benefits – free BT Sports channels and offers on calls, and are also associated with 12-month contracts.

How do you find out more? Simply call BT Broadband Customer Services number 0871 423 0163.

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BT Broadband Connection Service

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