British Gas Free Loft Insulation

As the largest energy provider in the UK, it seems there’s nothing that British Gas can’t do for their customers when it comes to making your home as energy efficient as possible. They supply thousands of UK homes with gas and electricity nationwide and now they’re also offering free loft insulation, perfect for keeping the heat in during the cold winter months and saving you money in the process.

What Is Loft Insulation?

If you’re looking to make your home more energy efficient then look up to your roof to see if you’re losing heat unnecessarily through your loft. Most houses built after January 1st 1991, will have been built to include loft insulation, but properties older than this may find there is very little between your top ceiling and your roof tiles. However, applying loft insulation can make all the difference to the heat efficiency in your home.

Loft insulation acts like a blanket, decreasing the amount of heat that escapes through your roof. The loft insulation consists of a soft thick material that is laid between the joists or on top of existing insulation that will trap warm air and keep it in your home. It’ll not only help to keep your house warmer in winter, but it’ll also help to keep it cooler during the summer too, absorbing the heat from the roof rather than it seeping straight into your home.

How Can I Get Free Loft Insulation with British Gas?

As a British Gas customer you can simply contact their customer service team by phone or simply answer a few questions via an online form. They’ll arrange for an expert energy team to survey your property to ensure it is suitable and where appropriate come and insulate your loft for free.

But the good news doesn’t stop there, you don’t even have to be a British Gas customer or buy any of their products or services to be eligible for the free loft insulation. Non-British Gas customers can do exactly the same as above to see if their home is suitable for loft insulation and reap the rewards with a warmer, more heat efficient house.

One thing to bear in mind though is that if your loft is boarded, British Gas won’t be able to remove the boards and fit the insulation, so you may need to address this prior to their assessment.

Free loft insulation

What Type of Savings Can I Make?

With energy prices always on the rise, particularly in the winter months, you’ll no doubt always be looking for ways to make a saving and having loft insulation fitted for free is a great start. Not only will you not have to pay for the installation and service, which usually takes less than a day to fit depending on the roof size, but you’ll also see considerable reductions in your energy bills too.

British Gas claims that for a detached house, you could make incredible savings up to £240 per year, with semi-detached properties it could be as much as £140, mid-terrace houses up to £135 and bungalows up to £200. These are clearly very significant savings to make, so it’s worth finding out if your house is suitable so you can have some extra money to spend elsewhere each year.