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About British Gas

British Gas is the largest provider of energy in Britain. However, the company does much more than supplying electricity and gas to Britain’s businesses and homes. The company offers a wide range of services to help households and businesses not only save money but also live in a safe and healthy environment.

In order to find the solution to your electricity or gas problems you can call British Gas customer service. What is British Gas phone number? The British Gas advice line is 0871 244 9817.

The British Gas customer services team comprises of advisors who are available 7 days a week to answer any queries that you may have regarding your gas and electricity supply. British Gas customer services team can give you advice and answer questions regarding the payment of bills, maintenance of boilers and their repairs or the procedure for becoming a new customer. If you want answers related to all these questions and many others then contact British Gas on 0871 244 9817.

The History of British Gas

The origins of British Gas dates back to 200 years when the lives of many Brits were transformed with the advent of the gas industry that gave easy access to heat, light and energy. For many the key date was 1792 when William Murdoch used gas to light his house in Cornwall. In 1812 the Gas Light and Coke Company was set up gaining the royal assent and in 1816 Preston became the first town in the UK to benefit from gas lights. In 1827 the company was supplying around 70,000 street lights to the city of London. While in 1855 Robert Bunsen developed the first Bunsen burner from which the first gas fire was developed in 1868, another revolutionary invention took place when the world’s first water heater was designed. In 1986 the British gas industry was privatised and the British Gas PLC was formed and in 1998 British Gas started to sell electricity to customers.

British Gas Today

Today British Gas is trusted by over 500,000 UK companies to provide electricity and gas supply and installation services from the company. The company ensures that its customers can get answers and solutions to their energy problems in the quickest way possible and at the most affordable prices.

One benefit of choosing a large and reliable service provider such as British Gas is that your gas emergency wouldn’t have to stay unresolved for too long. You can rest assured that you will get the highest quality of service, you are going with the nation’s largest supplier. So, if you want to join British Gas, are planning to move to another house, troubled about your gas supply, or suspect a leak then contact British Gas customer services team. You can call the British Gas customer service number by dialling 0871 244 9817. As the aim of British Gas is to provide 100% customer satisfaction the dedicated and skilled customer service team will be more than willing to offer swift solutions to your problems. If you are not a British Gas customer and want to be registered then call British Gas on 0871 244 9817 and register yourself as a new member. Or if you want to get fixed price plans for one, two or three years then you can contact British Gas customer services team over the telephone. By calling the British Gas telephone number listed on this website you can directly get connected to the concerned department.

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