Black Friday Regrets? Perhaps You Can Return Them…

Were some of your Black Friday bargains too good to be true? You still have consumer rights, even during sales season, so find out whether you can return a few things…

Hold onto your receipts and packaging, if you splurged on Black Friday impulse buys and lived to regret it you’ll need both to get your refund – together with the bank card you paid with, perhaps. UK shoppers spent over £3.3billion on Black Friday weekend in 2015, but returned £180million of it within days, according to Clear Returns. Here’s what to do next, if you want your money back…

Online vs. Offline Black Friday Shopping

Did you know that you have different rights, depending on whether you shopped online or in a bricks-and-mortar store?

You Shopped Online?

You beat the queues on Black Friday and now you have more consumer rights to boot. You have 14 days from the time of delivery to return your Black Friday bargains for a full refund – whether their faulty or you simply changed your mind, according to the Consumer Contracts Regulations. That’s because you didn’t see the product in the flesh before buying it – descriptions and photographs can be deceptive.

You Shopped on the High Street?


Faulty Black Friday Goods:

Yes, even your Black Friday bargains are covered by the 2015 Consumer Rights Act. So if it’s faulty, you’re entitled to a full refund within the first 30 days – if your purchase isn’t as described, of satisfactory quality or fit for purpose, and it doesn’t last a reasonable amount of time.

Giving a Black Friday bargain as a Christmas present? When they open it on the big day, you’ll still be within the 30 day deadline to get a full cash refund if it’s faulty. After 30 days, you won’t get your money back, but you can ask the shop to repair or replace your Black Friday Bargain for up to six months after you’ve bought it. After six months, it’s much harder, but not impossible, to prove that it was faulty when you originally bought it.

Unless you were warned about the faults when you bought it on Black Friday, the retailer has a legal obligation to fix it for you.

Non-Faulty Black Friday Bargains:

Changed your mind on something? High street shops don’t legally have to refund your non-faulty Black Friday bargains, but most will have a ‘goodwill returns’ policy, giving you an exchange, refund or credit note in most cases – so long as you return it with 28 days. But it depends on what you’ve bought, from where.

Look online, on receipts and on signs in-store or phone the retailer’s customer services to find out about their specific ‘return policy’ – you’ll find all the numbers you need in our directory. Their policy is binding, so they have to follow through on the promises they’ve made. And typically, you can only return non-faulty goods for an exchange or refund, not for cash.

Don’t despair, some retailers extend their returns deadlines around Christmas so you may have time to sneak it back later than usual.


Broken Black Friday Digital Content

Guess what, the apps, music, movies, games or ebooks you bought on Black Friday are also covered by the 2015 Consumer Rights Act – whether you download of stream them. If they don’t work, your retailer has one chance to fix the problem, but if that fails, you can demand a refund.

Know Your Limits

Black Friday sale season or not, you probably won’t get your cash back on…

  • DVDs, music and computer software if the seal or packaging is broken
  • Perishable goods like food or flowers
  • Personalised products, made just for you

Black Friday Delivery Problems

Did you specify a date to have your Black Friday bargains delivered? If they’re late, go missing or are stolen from your doorstep, the shop must fix the problem – not the courier or delivery company. If you want to cancel your order for a refund and make a complaint, search our directory of numbers and call the appropriate customer service team.

Reluctant Retailer?

If they refuse to refund, repair or replace your Black Friday goods, then they could be breaching your statutory rights. Tell them you’ll report them to your local Trading Standards department, which may spur them into action.

Otherwise, you may actually have to take your complaint to the Consumer Ombudsman if they keep fobbing you off. Remember, you can also rely on your guarantee or warranty.

Can’t Return Your Unwanted Black Friday Goods?

Lost your receipt? Chance your luck and return your non-faulty items anyway, as you could win yourself an exchange or a credit note. Call the appropriate customer service team.

If you decide to re-sell your faulty Black Friday bargain, give full disclosure and make your buyer aware of all the problems. Alternatively, give your unwanted (but otherwise fine) Black Friday deals as Christmas presents – at least then it won’t go to waste.