Best Ways to Insure for New Drivers

After finally passing the practical driving test one of the next big steps is getting yourself insured to drive. This can be tricky as the prices of the insurance can affect many things such as what car you should get, if you should have your own insurance or should you be put on as third party under someone else. These all come with their own perks and faults which can make it very difficult for first-time drivers to decide as they’re unsure on what they’re truly buying in too.  

When getting your first insurance it can be confusing trying to find the best deal. For many young drivers, the use of a Black Box is high in popularity. This device monitors your driving skills throughout the year and gives you the ability to earn money back depending on how safe you are as a driver. If you’re reckless and an unsafe driver the insurance will go up, if you’re safe when driving then you’re likely to receive cashback or a reduction in the price. This is to reward good drivers and to help encourage unsafe drivers to change their ways. 


Should I use comparison websites or go direct?

When looking to get your first insurance policy a great place to start is to look on comparison websites. By filling in their forms with your details you’re able to find out some of the best deals available to you from a wide range of insurance policyholders. These can range in price and the amount they will cover you for. It’s good to use these to get an idea of what is available to you but it doesn’t show you everything.

When using comparison websites an issue arises when making your decision. Many insurance companies are invested in comparison site, for example, Aviva insurance is the second-largest shareholder in MoneySuperMarket. This allows them to bring down the prices of their own insurance policies for their website and raise it on others making finding the best price more difficult. When using comparison sites, you are generalising the policies you want. This means that you might not be getting the best deals that are available. By doing this you are likely to miss out on deals and exclusive offers that would be available if you went direct to the insurers for a quote. Hastings Direct allows you to put your more experienced drivers on your policy, this allows you to bring down the price of your insurance policy whilst still earning your own no claims discount. Another way Hastings direct can bring down the price is to go for a black box policy. Many insurers also including Admiral or Churchill Insurance offer this deal to help bring in new drivers, rewarding safe drivers discounts over their annual renewals.


Getting a Black Box or Multi-Car Insurance

When looking to get insurance for a new driver it is important to investigate these two options. The Smart/Black Box policy is a favourite for insurers when looking to bring in new drivers as it starts their own policies and begins building their no claims discount. It works by adding a smart device to your car so that it can monitor your driving, from your speed, your braking, distance and times that you’ve travelled. It informs the insurance companies on how well and safe you’re driving, as well as your no claims discount. It also offers discounts inline to how safe you’re driving. Although there are some great offers out there, some find the terms of the Black Box policy restricting and find it difficult receiving the discounts promised. An alternative for this is Multi-Car Insurance, this policy allows multiple people with cars of their own to go under one policy. This means everyone keeps their own no claims discount but reduces the cost of the insurance as more people are added to the policy. This is best suited for families that have more than one driver and more than one car.