Best places to celebrate the New Year

New Year’s Eve is one of the few events celebrated worldwide and it truly is a global party. New Year’s is celebrated with different countries traditions. Your choice of party destination depends on where you’d like to be for the big countdown.

From partying on a beach in Rio De Janeiro or Dubai to the streets of London watching the amazing fireworks display around the Thames. there’s loads of choice. Why not treat yourself to a late Christmas present and be part of the world’s biggest party to bring in the new decade and create some once in a lifetime memory.

Edinburgh Annual Hogmanay

New Year’s Eve or Hogmanay by the Scots has an extra special tradition where celebrations last over 3 days starting from December the 30th. It all begins with a Celtic styled torch-lit procession along the Royal Mile where you can join in and become a trailblazer.

Followed by the Johnnie Walker street party on the 31st with an amazing Fireworks display from above Edinburgh Castle. Finishing off with the loony Dooku where people throw themselves into the cold water of South Queensferry. 


If you’re looking for the best night out in Asia then it’s likely Bangkok will be top of your list. When it comes to New Year’s Eve this is no different. Annually, everyone crowds around Central World Plaza in a similar setting to Times Square. We recommend getting above the skyline to get the best view of the fireworks displays in one of Bangkok’s many skyline bars where you can celebrate in style.

London New Year Fireworks

Watching Big Ben count down the final moments of the year is a tradition for many of us around the UK. With an outstanding firework display year on year with the amazing backdrop of the Thames river.

 If you’re after the perfect view of this display then why not be on the Thames itself. With many boats offering seats and drinks to willing customers, you can grab yourself the best seat in the house. 

New York

Probably the most famous New Year’s location in the world, Times Square is on most people’s bucket lists around the holiday period. With a special mention for the New Years and the infamous ball drop, many have either been there or watched it on the telly. 

The streets become filled full of people and partygoers it’s probably the biggest party out of them all of which you wouldn’t want to miss out.


Barcelona plays host to one of the best all-night party going in Europe. With so many of the residents starting their celebrations at around 11 it allows people to retain their energy to the following morning.

 For many, the starting point is the Place Despina where they’ll watch the amazing fireworks display surrounding the streets where everyone’s gathered. This is followed by the city becoming one huge party in the clubs and in the streets with the Pole Espanyol hosting their party till 6 am! 


There are two approaches you can take when welcoming the New Year in Tokyo. You can either party all night long in Yokohama watching a beautiful fireworks display. Alternatively, you may fancy cleansing your soul. Head to a traditional Japanese temple where a monk will cleanse you of all your worldly desires. Purifying you for your entry into the New Year and new decade.


One of the first to start the party. The Sydney New Year’s party down under is one of the biggest and hottest in the world. Fireworks launch from the Opera House, nearby buildings, barges on the water, and from Harbour Bridge, pretty much all over Sydney.

 The 12-minute display uses nearly all of the bridge and includes two special events. A shower of 1,100 candle-fireworks streaming from the bridge to the water below and the “bridge effect,” a pyrotechnic element with a different design each year, relating to the theme of the celebration.


Berlin throws huge parties all year round and New Year’s Eve is no different. From Brandenburg Gate to the Victory Column, thousands of partiers populate Europe’s largest street party for more than 12 hours! 

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Gates open in the early afternoon, concerts begin in the evening, fireworks launch at midnight. Even better, the party continues until 3 a!. You can’t beat Berlin for a party on any night of the year. It’s safe to say New Year’s Eve is certainly no exception.


Home of the carnival. Brazil knows how to party in style but when it comes to New Year’s Eve the beach party is the best around. Around 2 million attend the spectacle so it can be difficult getting into Rio to party. This means you have a lot of party goers creating a party on the way to the main event. Many can be found drinking and playing music for all to enjoy. 

After the party is in full swing and the final chime of midnight is sounded the many party-goers take to the sea. This is to take part in the tradition of jumping into 7 small waves. They make wishes and give thanks for each one.

Cape Town 

Known to be South Africa’s Mother City Cape town is a tourist hot spot all year-round. They’re championed for their winter sun and their beaches.

This warm weather brings everyone out to celebrate the New Year together in the open air. The V & A waterfront is one of the most popular destinations for the countdown. They have various acts and shows from all different genres and skills. All this entertainment is free for everyone with a finale of fireworks. The best seat in the house is on top of Table Mountain. This gives you a clear view of the colourful Cape Town skyline.