Best Kids Activity Days in 2020

Christmas is over, we’ve entered the new year and the kids have finally gone back to school. The normal routine has finally made its return and you can finally relax again. But how long can you truly relax for? You’ve still got weekends where the kids are going to become bored of sitting in front of the TV or playing with toys. It’s hard to even think about the next half term peering around the corner. 

We’ve compiled our recommendations of the best activities around the UK at the moment for various occasions. Whether you want to get out and about in the summer sunshine trekking through nature in the Lake District or on those not so sunny days, heading indoors at home to get creative or take shelter in one of many child-friendly places.

Best for when it’s raining

In Britain, the weather is known for being temperamental and normally favouring enduring us with many long-lasting patches of rain across the country. When this occurs, instead of allowing them to play on their games and tablets as they’d normally rush off to why not explore the rainforest of Leeds? At Tropical World, you can go trek through a great indoor rainforest, learning and understanding how nature lives in this great environment. A fun and intriguing day out for the whole family.


Best outdoor activity

When the sun does eventually shine for us it is best to make the most of whilst we can. Despite the beach isn’t the best place to go. Instead, you should turn your focus to HobbleDown. Spanning over 50 acres, Hobble Down boasts a vast amount of fun and activities for the whole family to enjoy.

 From reaching new heights on the aerial adventure course, enjoying migrating between HobbleDown Village and the mining Village. They also have a wildlife centre for you to get close and personal with!

Best theme park

Gulliver’s Valley is in the final stages of its construction and is due to open in Spring 2020. This brand new theme park is said to have spent £37 million on 70 different rides as well as various indoor activities such as a climbing centre and water play zone. 

There will also be two interactive play zones including the lost Jurrasic World and Wild West world for children to play and explore in. The park is suitable for children aged 2 to 12 and they are also building family-friendly accommodation so people from across the country can enjoy the park.

people riding on roller coaster during daytime

Best sporty activity

There’s no denying that many kids love to get muddy, whether it’s jumping into puddles, splashing you and themselves all over with dirty water, playing football with friends scuffing their shoes and fresh clean clothes or just plain and simply playing in the muds you told them not to. Why not instead applaud them for getting muddy? With the Lidl Mudder you can set your children free to run a 1-mile muddy course, with fun and exciting obstacles for them to get through. Once they finish the event they are also awarded, tough mudder bands! Tickets cost £10 and proceeds go towards the NSPCC Speak Out Campaign.

Best learning activity

If you’d like to get your children out of the house and get them learning, then the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester is the place to go. Boasting abo9ut their fun and interactive museum that comes with live demonstrations will leave you and others in wonder. Learn about how the city of Manchester started the industrial revolution and became the birthplace of the railroad with the oldest passenger railway station, built in 1830. Admission is free for all and opening times are from 08:00 till 17:00.

man in white suit holding white and green plastic bottle

The best activity you’d never think of

Building a soapbox racer can make a full summer fly by. Whether you are creating it with the goal of racing it in events such as the Redbull SOapbox race or looking to just do something different. The Soapbox challenge can allow you to bond with children over the project, as this project has many steps, time will be taken to transform their creativity and ideas into a reality for them and yourselves to enjoy! All it takes is a little mechanical know-how and the drive to complete the project. 

These activities can be done across the whole of the UK and can allow you to spend the whole day together. That’s why we suggest using the trains and National Rail to help, make your day’s out that little bit easier. Allowing you to free up your time allowing you to focus on having fun with your children instead of the stresses of the road and parking.