ASOS – The Size Guide that doesn’t seem to fit

Walking down today’s high streets across the UK, women can range from a size 8 to a size 12 at different times of the day. This isn’t because they had a heavy lunch that has radically altered their body shape but instead is due to there being no universal sizes for women’s clothing. Different shops clothing sizes differ depending on different variables like measurements and types of clothing/material.  This can cause a lot of stress and confusion when out shopping as women struggle to work out what size is best for them without having to try 5 different sizes on. This issue alone stretches the emotional capacity of women as they’re constantly comparing sizes and judging themselves on these matters. 

With fashion retailers becoming more conscious about encouraging women to love themselves and their bodies, ASOS recent size guide has been poorly received, especially online on platforms like Twitter.

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What have ASOS said?

A spokesperson for ASOS said:

“We offer fashion in over 30 different sizes, reflecting the needs of our diverse, global customer base and our ongoing commitment to promoting a healthy, positive body image. Based on measurements of some of our third-party brands, the size XL on this product is equivalent in our sizing chart to a UK 14.”

With confusion surrounding these guides, it going take a large company to set the standard and lead the way into helping finally create a unified size guide. This was attempted by ASOS, however, it didn’t have the reception that they’d hoped for. In their recent size guide they had equated size 14 with the label of XL. This caused a lot of controversy, as, according to Bluebella, the average size for women in the UK is in fact a 16. 

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What has the public said?

With social pressure being a heavy factor in women’s confidence and with around 25% of women feeling uncomfortable in their own skin it’s no wonder the public has taken a disliking to this new guide. This isn’t the first time ASOS has troubled fans over their sizing techniques as in 2017 their size recommendation function was under fire as they were accused of lowering customers self-esteem, recommending items they don’t find appropriate or wouldn’t fit into.

Here’s an example of a comment from one unhappy customer:

ASOS tweet

With so many finding issues with the sizing of their online shopping, it’s no wonder that ASOS has such a high amount of their clothes returned. This could, of course, be intentional by the shopper to make the most of their Klarna partnership which allows shoppers to try before they buy. They could also have been wrongly informed of what sized clothing they think they should get from the online retailer. This has resulted in the company changing their returns policy as of April 2019. This is to cut the amount of ‘serial returners’ ordering and returning high amounts of clothes from the stores. This is mainly due to people who wear and return items, but also those who buy in high quantities knowing they’re going to return most of it. 

If you’re having any troubles with finding the right size or are struggling to return items then make sure to get in touch with the ASOS customer services team. Their customer services is available 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm. They can also be contacted on their Twitter page @ASOS_Heretohelp.