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About ASDA


Asda Stores Limited is an American owned, British founded chain of supermarkets. Asda was founded in 1949 and currently has around 600 stores in the UK including Asda Supercentres, Asda Superstores, Asda Supermarkets and a few smaller Asda Living stores.

Asda started out as a partnership between the Asquith family butchers and Associated Dairies to run a chain of grocery stores but over the years they have expanded their product ranges to include clothes, home interiors, electrical goods, toys and money services. The company is now owned by the American brand Wal*Mart. Should you need to get in touch with Asda customer services then the Asda contact number is 0871 244 4858.

ASDA history

One of the founding partners of Asda, the Asquith family were family butchers based in West Yorkshire. In the 1920’s they owned 7 local butchers across the local area. The acquired a couple of larger buildings to house their grocery stores and in the 1960’s they built their first purpose built super store.

In 1965, the Asquith brothers approached Associated Dairies, a group of West Riding dairy farmers, about running the butchery departments in their chain of stores. It was then that a merger of the two companies was proposed and Asda was created (Asquith + Daries = Asda).

By 1968 the Asquith brothers had sold their stake in the company and ownership passed solely to Associated Dairies. The company grew quickly, with the majority of the stores being based in the North of England. The 1970’s saw a rapid growth of the amount of their stores throughout the county in both edge-of and out of town locations. In 1986 they introduced their own brand products and in 1989 they partnered up with George Davies, the founder of the Next clothing line, to re-brand their own clothing line under the name George which is still used today.

In 1999 Asda was bought by the American supermarket chain Wal*Mart and all of the stores underwent renovations and remodelling based upon the Wal*Mart store designs in America.

In May 2010, Asda purchased all of Netto’s UK operations which supplied the chain with a large number of smaller, local supermarkets. Re-branding of these Netto stores as Asda stores began in 2011.

Asda now

There are around 600 stores throughout the UK. They range from Asda Supercentres, which are some of the largest hypermarkets in Great Britain, to small localised Asda Home stores which only sell non-grocery products. Asda now also offer their own money services which include car insurance, credit cards and travel money. They also have their own mobile network too. In 1998 they launched their online retail service for grocery items. They now also have which gives customers online access to electrical products available from Asda. If you have any queries regarding any of the services currently offered by Asda then you should call the thir customer services number 0871 244 4858.

Asda have always prided themselves on being one of the cheapest supermarkets in the UK. They have been awarded The Grocer magazine award for “lowest price supermarket” for 16 years running and their slogan “Save Money. Live Better” is one which the entire company stand by.

How do I contact Asda customer services?

Asda customer services employees are all highly skilled, friendly and eager to help should you have any queries or problems. They are knowledgeable about the full range of products and services available and can also provide you with information regarding store locations, opening times and stock availability simply by calling the customer services on 0871 244 4858. If you are looking to shop online then call Asda customer services phone number 0871 244 4858 and one of the team will be able to aid you in setting up your online shopping experience.

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