Are you on the search for Winter Sun?

When winter sets in these short days, dark nights and cold weather can normally leave us feeling drained and sad very quickly. Wishing the months away so we can get back into the sun and relaxing and smiling again. What if we were to tell you that there’s a way to recharge your batteries and get some sun when the weather is still miserable in blighty.

With the help of TUI, you can make a quick getaway and find some winter sun. Taking that week away from work could end up with you sipping Pina Coladas on a white Caribbean beach or sightseeing around the pyramids in Egypt. Either way, leaving your troubles behind you and getting the chance to refresh and recharge those batteries so you’re ready to tackle the rest of amazing winter months.


When you think of travelling to Mexico you may think of scorching hot beaches, soaking up the sun, amazing hotels to relax in and long flights to prepare yourself and recover from the holiday.

Normally, this would come with an expensive price tag to match the great holiday. However, over the winter months, it’s the coolest time to go. This means the prices are the lowest they’re going to be. The best part about it is that despite it being their coolest period of the year, temperatures still reach a standard of 20 degrees.

group of people standing ear gray temple


Know as the traveller’s hot spot with thousands going over there, moving from hostel to hostel for months on end you’d think that there wouldn’t be any room for other holidaymakers. This is not the case Thailand in fact, boasts some amazing resorts and hotels. You can unwind with the most relaxing massages and spa treatments available. This helps you release any worries you had when getting on the plane. They have some of the most picturesque beaches and nature around your pools and hotels giving you the best morning view you could wake up to.

standing statue and temples landmark during daytime


As Europe is battered by wind, rain and snow just outside of the Sahara is sunny Morocco. With only a short flight over Europe, you’ll have a total escape from reality, introduced to a new culture and lifestyle. From exploring the Sahara Desert on camels or mix our British tradition of tea drinking with the local culture of morocco and their mint leaf tea to unlock a whole new world of flavours and tastes to bring back and share with friends and family.

boatd docked near houses and body of water

The Carribean

The Carribean is a winter sun tropical heaven. Their sandy white beaches along with crystal blue waters and swinging palms tree’s make up the image of paradise for many. With so many islands in the area, you’ve got a whole host of options you can pick depending on what type of holiday you’re after.

 In Jamaica, you can vibe to the rhythm of authentic reggae music whilst sipping on Mojitos. In Barbados, you can relax for days on end with the most beautiful beaches. Or, you can visit Cuba and learn all about their strong history both about the island itself but also about the Mojito and the rum they make it from.

white boat on body of water near green palm trees


 If you’re after an escape from the woes of the British winter why not take a trip back in time. With ancient gods and great structures, Egypt offers a holiday with a desire for adventure a trip of a lifetime. You can explore the Pyramids of Giza, back in the phenomenon of the great sphynx or travel down the river Nile which was once the lifeline of Ancient Egypt. After all this adventure and learning you have the ability to relax and unwind, soaking up modern Egypt with their many local markets and try their local cuisines.

Pyramid of Giza

All these winter sun breaks can be accessed through TUI holidays and flights at amazing prices. If you wish to find out more about these holidays make sure to contact the TUI customer service