Are Amazon still delivering?

With the country now on lockdown many shops and services have decided to board up and wait out the storm, apart from Amazon. As many employees are now being guaranteed pay by the government small businesses now have the ability to rest easy and work out how they are to bounce back from this crisis instead of how they are going to last through it. One company, however, is still yet to close its doors and it looks like it won’t be doing it anytime soon. Although there are some E-commerce businesses that have been taken off the market due to profiteering from Covid-19 many sellers are still available and are a safe alternative to going to the shops.

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What is profiteering and how can I avoid it?

Profiteering is a way for people to make a profit from a crisis or other people’s downfall. In these cases, it’s people or businesses that have a large stockpile of products in high demand such as hand sanitizer, baby formula, toilet paper and tampons. These products are generally sold in supermarkets and corner shops but due to the panic buying in the UK have become hard to get a hold of. They’re now being sold at grossly higher prices so that they can make excessive and unfair profits.

With so many trying to profit off this current crisis the government has been urged to step in and stop it. Although they’re trying to bring down these accounts and businesses there are also things you can do to help stop them. If you see businesses or sellers that are pricing their products extortionately high then you should make sure to flag these to companies such as Amazon or Which. It is also advised that you buy from the direct supplier or trusted seller of Amazon to make sure you are getting the quality products you are looking for. It’s also good to search around, comparing and searching for the best deals will give you the best idea on where to go for your products.

Am I still able to make an Amazon order?

With many high street shops now closed, Amazon has made sure to pick up the demand and carry on delivering. With this increase in demand, Amazon is looking to create more jobs and vacancies in their warehouses and deliveries so that delivery times aren’t affected so greatly. Amazon, however, has reminded customers to have their purchases delivered to their home addresses. As many people are now working from home, it is important to check and or change the delivery address when making an order as many offices and workplaces are either closed or unable to accept deliveries at this time. 

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Will my delivery time be affected by the lockdown

“To serve our customers while also helping to ensure the safety of our associates, we’ve changed our logistics, transportation, supply chain, purchasing, and third-party seller processes to prioritise stocking and delivering items that are a higher priority for our customers,” Amazon said in a statement. “This has resulted in some of our delivery promises being longer than usual.”

This statement by Amazon declares that they are doing everything in their power to make sure services seem unchanged and customers are getting their orders when expected. However, it should be expected by customers that there may be some delays in their deliveries as they are only human. With this, they have decided to prioritise customers that are unable to go to the shops themselves and are of higher risk without their orders.

It is also worth noting that many products won’t be restocked straight away by Amazon till early April as only the essential items such as food and healthcare products will take priority in order to make sure customers can receive them.

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Is it safe to accept an Amazon delivery?

If you are concerned that you will come into contact with Covid-19 through your Amazon delivery, the World Health Organisation has stated that the chances of this are actually very Low. Amazon Delivery drivers have also been instructed to limit contact with customers by checking identification from a distance and by placing deliveries on doorsteps and stepping back instead of handing it to the person. If you are after receiving food from Amazon fresh then you also have the option of “unattended Delivery” to ensure that you don’t come into contact with the delivery driver.

If you have any other queries or questions about their services during the lockdown then make sure to contact the Amazon Customer services where they will be happy to help.