How Amazon’s UK Sales Are Rising With The Third Lockdown

As we were plunged into a 3rd national lockdown at the beginning of the New Year, Amazon’s UK sales are set to make yet another record-breaking fortune.

Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, Amazon is the largest uncontested leader of e-commerce in the world, producing the largest sales and profits and a hefty net worth of $185.7 billion. As of July 2020, Amazon saw a significant 40% leap in sales throughout the first UK lockdown, more than twice their sales figures for the exact same time period in 2019, despite having spent $4 billion on Covid-19 PPE and measures.

Why are we willingly giving our money to these multibillion-dollar corporations?

The answer? Simply put, we’re all very bored and asking ‘When will lockdown?’. With us all clocking in more hours at home, we’re on the hunt for new ways to keep ourselves entertained through picking up new hobbies and finishing that DIY task we said we’d do but didn’t. With all of this comes the need to spend money. As Amazon is home to more than 12 million products ranging from everyday essentials to novelty items and items you didn’t know needed, but now you know, you absolutely do need, it’s the most convenient place to shop.

Their user-friendly shopping experience through the app, or online, allows for customers to quickly search for their item, filter by ratings, delivery, and price, and add to basket with ease. Their popularity is only boosted by their offer of Same-Day Prime delivery. All of this without leaving the couch making it the perfect lockdown go-to.

Amazon Prime Video

If you’ve watched the extensive list of shows and movies available on Netflix and TV, it’s time to switch to Amazon Prime Video. With an abundance of original shows, one-offs, and movies, your entertainment will be sorted for at least another 6 weeks of sofa time. Sign up for an Amazon Prime membership for £7.99 a month or a Prime Video subscription for £5.99 a month. To set up a Prime account, call Amazon on 0871 244 9723.

What were the top-selling products of 2020 – UK lockdown edition?

  • Face masks
  • Air purifiers
  • Gym clothing
  • Home gym equipment
  • Electronics
  • DIY tools
  • Toys

How Amazon helped the mental wellbeing of the public

So many people lost their jobs this year due to the pandemic and were left with no guaranteed income. Companies such as Amazon hired just over a quarter of a million new staff during 2020, thus allowing them to cope with the sheer volume of orders. This meant people had something to get up for, a routine, a way to stimulate their brains, and an income starting at £9.50 per hour, in turn, improving their mental wellbeing. So, whilst Amazon might not have the best reputation for staff treatment, it’s an important option for many.

Hints and tips for money saving in the 3rd UK lockdown

Revisit the items that you bought in 2020, opt to do something for free such as practicing yoga, or give your home a fresh New Year spring clean – if you haven’t already. You are bound to stumble upon something you haven’t seen for years. Of course, you will need to buy food and place the occasional online order, but just be mindful of how much you are spending online. Spending quickly adds up during a time where work and a stable income isn’t guaranteed.

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