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About Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

You can’t have missed the rise of Amazon as an online retail giant across the globe and part of that rise includes the Amazon Kindle. The first generation of Kindle was originally launched in November 2007 and whilst the principles of these handheld e-readers to enable users to browse, download, buy and read e-books, magazines, newspapers and other digital media via online networking is pretty much the same, the hardware and function has vastly evolved, making the an essential reading device for millions of Amazon Kindle customers.

Amazon Kindle provides customers with handheld reading devices that are fully integrated with the online Kindle Store, so they can have access to a huge selection of reading material at their fingertips. Not only that, but the latest Kindle software is now supported on numerous platforms and devices, including Blackberry, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, webOS, Windows Phone and Android. As a result, Amazon Kindle offers support for all software, as well as more traditional Kindle devices.

However, whatever your enquiry relates to, you may well be asking, “How do I contact Amazon Kindle customer services?” Well, the quickest and most effective method is to call the Amazon Kindle customers service number 0871 423 0145. The Amazon Kindle customer service advisors offer support on a wide range of queries, be it technical issues, Kindle Store purchases, or giving Kindle gifts. By calling the Amazon Kindle phone number customer service number 0844 375 0306 direct, you’re sure to find all the answers you need.

The History of Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle was an innovative hardware developed by Amazon subsidiary Lab126. The Kindle began as a single device that was closely followed by the larger screen Kindle DX in 2009.

The name was derived from the meaning to light a fire, was seen as apt metaphor for igniting the fire to encourage reading and intellectual stimulation through the power of e-books and publications.

The very first generation of the Kindle was only launched in the US and featured a 6-inch, 4 level greyscale display and 250MB of internal storage, along with a speaker and headphone jack for listening to audio files. Whilst the internal storage could hold up to 200 non-illustrated books, it was the first and only Kindle that had the capacity for expandable storage via an SD card slot.

The Kindle 2 launched in the US in July 2009 and internationally in October of the same year. It was slimmer, with a bigger storage capacity of 2GB, which could hold up to

1,500 non-illustrated books, and a text-to-speech option to read text out loud. As part of the launch, Stephen King made his latest novella UR, available exclusively through the Kindle Store.

Since these early days there has been much development in Kindle devices, which now consist of various devices including Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch and LCD versions available on Android based phones and tablets, as well as additional software to be compatible with different software applications.

Amazon Kindle Today

Whilst the sales figures for Amazon Kindle aren’t officially released by the company, it’s known that there are millions of Kindle owners globally and it’s not surprising with such a huge library of e-books, magazines, newspapers and digital media on offer.

The popularity of the Amazon Kindle has revolutionised how we read today, whilst it isn’t the end of the paperback, the Kindle certainly offers an appealing, broad and accessible way of obtaining a wider reading library at very little cost.

As a Kindle owner or one looking to take the plunge into e-reading, you may find yourself searching for the best way to get in touch with Amazon Kindle customer service, and the answer is call them on the Amazon Kindle contact number 0871 423 0145. Whilst there is an abundance of information available on the Amazon Kindle website, you’ll find simple, quick and direct answers straight away when you phone the 0844 375 0306 number. They have fully trained customer service agents who can answer an assortment of questions from technical issues, refunds, e-book lending, payment and account management and so much more.

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