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About Amazon

Amazon is considered one of the biggest and oldest online shopping portals and with the increase in the use of internet it has now become one of the largest retailers in the world. The company has been in existence for over 20 years and boasts an increasing number of customers who frequently revisit the website to buy or sell products. This is evident by the fact that Amazon ranks at the top of the Google search pages for many product names.

By calling Amazon UK phone number on 0871 244 9723 you can receive help for all aspects of buying and selling through this online platform.




Amazon was founded in the year 1994 and was originally started as an online book store. With the passage of time the company diversified and started to sell a whole range of items and products such as DVDs, videos, electronics, food, clothing, furniture etc. In 2007 Amazon released its first high-tech product called the Kindle electronic book reader and following its success it now leads the global eBook market.

Amazon UK Customer Service

If you are looking to return some goods or waiting for an order to arrive, then the Amazon customer service team can help. If you have any queries then contact the Amazon customer service team to speak with one of its agents. By calling Amazon UK contact number you can get information regarding available delivery options, tracking order, procedure for returning goods, selling goods, claiming refunds and arranging to collect or pickup goods. By calling on 0871 244 9723 you will be directed to an Amazon customer service representative who will help you with your queries. You can also submit your feedback whether it is a complement or a complaint.

What is the Amazon UK phone number if I want a refund or want to return a Product?

Amazon’s customer service UK team can also give you information with regards to any refunds and returning products. Furthermore, if your order has arrived and you are experiencing any problem with the product itself or if you haven’t received your order at the due date then the Amazon customer service UK team can help and provide you with the relevant information and guidance. Amazon customer service can also answer your questions and help you with any of the following:

  1. Returning gifts- If you want to replace an item that you have received as a gift
  2. Items that you can return
  3. When you can receive your refund
  4. Exchange and replacement of products

Want To Sell On Amazon UK?

At Amazon UK you can also sell your own products and items. All you have to do is call Amazon UK contact number and the dedicated customer service team can help you with any queries that you might have about the procedure for selling items on Amazon’s website. By calling Amazon customer service UK team you can also get information related to the fees that will be charged for selling products through the website.

If you want to sell your own existing business brand then you can use Amazon Pro Service. This service offers you 25 product categories for selling your goods. If you want to know about the monthly subscription charges together with the advertisement fees, then call the Amazon customer service UK team. Amazon customer service can also explain to you the procedures related to selling your products such as setting up your profile and tracking your inventory to keep a check on your stock levels.

Other Phone Number For Amazon

  1. Complaints to Amazon Head Office: 0207 084 7911
  2. Amazon Customer Services: 0800 496 1081
  3. Amazon Customer Care: 0800 917 5235
  4. Amazon Helpline: 0800 279 7234
  5. Amazon Kindle: 0800 496 2449
  6. Amazon Kindle (London local rate): 0203 356 6212
  7. Amazon Kindle Helpline: 0800 279 7245

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